To see and be seen

Skiing is fashionable. Stylish clothing is important but, in addition to colour and style, functionality and safety are also important considerations. So, what are the trends on Mayrhofen’s pistes this ski season 2017/2018?

Skiing is as fashionable as ever. And for many skiers, an important part of being on the piste is seeing and being seen. This winter season 2017/2018, fashions don’t just focus on colour and style, but also demand high performance in comfort and safety. Stretchy, functional materials are popular, as are intelligent 3D cuts, lasered air vents and virtually no stitching on the clothes. The aim is to achieve the right  balance  between  warmth  and  movability  as  well  as  provide  protection  from  extremely  cold conditions and falls – it’s an added bonus if the design makes it wearable both on and off the piste. Sounds impossible? It can be done! The latest winter sport collections are timeless in style, eco-friendly and have an eye-catching design. This last point is very important as bright colours like orange and vibrant blues are really fashionable at the moment, explains sales assistant Barbara from Intersport. However, clothing in muted, earthy tones also continues to be popular, as well as the classic black and white.


Ultralight Movability

This winter, freeriders in particular should check out the range of extremely stretchy pants which offer great range of motion and are available in lots of cool designs. Modern GORE-TEX C-Knit technologies provide ultralight, breathable material which doesn’t make you feel as if you are wearing plastic. But, how  is  it  possible  to  manufacture  breathable  clothing  which  provides  enough  warmth  but  doesn’t make you sweat? Fibres and fabrics are specifically adapted for the different parts of the body. Some areas need more protection from the cold than others, and so fibres which trap the heat are used in these places. Other body parts require fabric to wick away moisture. The fabrics have to meet these individual requirements.


Eco-friendly Materials

One  of  the  key  concerns  facing  manufacturers  in  2017/2018  is  to  produce  eco-friendly,  PFC-free collections. The brand ‘Vaude’, for example, uses an elastic outer fabric, three quarters of which is made from recyclable polyamide.


The Perfect Ski Outfit

In addition to the look and fit of the clothing, functionality is also an important consideration. Make sure jackets and trousers have pockets for your ski pass, easy-to-do-up zippers, and a powder skirt. It’s a  good  idea  to  dress  according  to  the  onion  principle,  with  several  layers.  Three  layers  including thermal underwear, a fleece or PrimaLoft with an insulating effect, and an external layer like a hard-shell jacket, offer optimal comfort. Last but not least, well-fitting and padded ski socks, water and wind proof gloves, a ski helmet and goggles are all essential kit.