Aprés-Ski with Kids: hot chocolate and cake with an extra portion of fun

Now be honest: who hasn’t rounded off their day on the mountain with a bit of après-ski before? Exactly! Then it’s no wonder that our children also want to experience the feeling! Our Alfred spent a whole day skiing and après-skiing on the Ahorn with his daughter Sophie - with just a few tiny differences!

Chilling out on the Leisure Mount Ahorn 

Most adults would probably choose the Action Mount Penken for a day of skiing with après, but the Ahorn is much better suited to children. The wide, blue pistes, the cool Fun Ride slope and the family-friendly huts like the Ahornhütte, which is run by the Spieß family and has its own children’s play area. However, these are all things that parents think about and are not necessarily the first priorities of a child. Sophie knows exactly what she wants to do: first ski the Fun Ride and then “chill-out” in the deck chairs by the White Lounge. 

Alfred is a little surprised that his seven-year-old daughter already wants to “chill-out” but he knows that for school kids it’s important to be cool! Anyway, he’s happy to spend a chilled day relaxing on the Ahorn. However, Sophie has other ideas. Skiing the Funslope doesn’t mean just once! And, after a few runs, Alfred, who is also a musician, starts to think of the Austrian après-ski hit “Auf und nieder immer wieder…..” (“Up and down, again and again”)!

Making friends on the mountain 

One of the best things about après-ski is getting to know all types of new people from different nationalities and all age groups. Sophie’s après-ski is no different. They bump into one of Alfred’s former school friends, who is also called Alfred, comes from the village of Ginzling and now works for the Mayrhofen cable car company. Sophie thinks he’s very funny and they take a selfie together. With that, Sophie has met someone new and completed another part of her après-ski mission. He is from another age group, even if he has the same nationality!

Finally taking a break

After few more runs of the Funslope, Sophie takes mercy on her papa and agrees to take a break. They order a tea, a hot chocolate and a chocolate bar at the White Lounge and relax in the deck chairs. Lying back in the sunshine, Sophie chats about school, her friends and her little brother Jakob, who is still too small to ski. It’s clear that she wishes he could be here too.

Time for après-ski!

Down in the valley, it’s time to warm up and treat yourself to a well-earned piece of cake! Café-Konditorei Kostner on Mayrhofen’s main street caters to children’s every need. If the weather is good, there is a park outside, and Sophie (still warm from skiing) throws herself on the roundabout while Alfred greets his wife and son. Sophie soon comes bouncing over to see her mum and brother. Another hot chocolate (you can take the mug home with you!) and a big slice of Sachertorte chocolate cake are ordered. Hungry from the day’s activity, Sophie wolfs down her cake and she and Jakob race over to the inside play area. She climbs the climbing wall, practicing for the summer months when she can expend her energy on the children’s via ferrata in Mayrhofen. 

Good Night

After this “chilled” yet exhausting day of skiing and après-ski, it’s not only Sophie who is fast asleep as soon as her head hits the pillow!