Almabtrieb - Cattle Drive

Almabtrieb Festival

Der Almabtrieb in der Ferienregion Mayrhofen Hippach ist ein farbenprächtiges Spektakel - Herbst Urlaub im Zillertal.
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For the people of Zillertal it is a time honoured tradition - for visitors to the region, an amazingly colourful spectacle whilst on holiday:  When cattle that have been grazing all summer on the high alpine pastures of Zillertal are adorned with flowers, ribbons, intricately embroidered head-dresses with holy figures and bells to be herded down to lower lying farms before the winter snow arrives.

The Almabtrieb is a very colourful event: The animals are herded on foot from the outer lying valleys such as Zillergrund, Stilluptal, Ginzling and Tuxertal back "home". The leading cow, or "Moarkuh",  leads each decorated herd, followed by heifers, bulls, young oxen and small livestock, such as sheep and goats.

Thousands of people from home and abroad come to take part in this incredible festival - not only because of the traditional delicacies that are served:

A farmer"s market, show-distillery and countless market stalls are laden with Zillertal specialities such as "Krapfen", "Melchermuas"," Zerggl", farmhouse bread, bacon, grilled meats, pine schnapps and sweet treats. Traditional "Schuhplattler" - shoe tapping, thigh slapping dancers, whip crackers and folk bands welcome the "Returnees" all along the main street.



All Dates for 2017

Regional Almabtrieb Festivals

17. September 2017 - Klausenalm Fest in Ginzling
22. September 2017 - Cattle Drive at the Gasthof Schwarzenstein in Ginzling
23. September 2017 - Cattle Drive at the Geislerhof in Ramsau
23. September 2017 - Cattle Drive at the Kiendlerhof in Schwendau
29. September 2107 - Cattle Drive at the Stoaner Farm with a Home-Coming Festival at Bienenhäusl
07. October 2017 - in Mayrhofen 
07. October 2017 - Cattle Drive at Bruggerstube
07. October 2017 - at the Larcherhof/Larchergut in Hollenzen
14. October 2017 - Cattle Drive at the Hub`n Bauer in Laimach

Food, drink, music & entertainment is available at all Cattle Drive locations. Admission is free!

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Almabtrieb - a much loved tradition

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Due to the large number of visitors to the Almabtrieb and the resulting parking and traffic conditions, shuttle buses will be in operation again this year to reduce congestion in Mayrhofen. No buses will be allowed to drive into Mayrhofen on this particular day. 

The bus and coach parking area is at the Horbergbahn Lifts in Schwendau. Guests will be transported from there to Mayrhofen in a shuttle bus, and brought back again later to the parking lot.

This service is available exclusively on Saturday, 07th October 2017 from 07.30 to 18.00 hrs!

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