"Klöpfel" carol singing at some of Mayrhofen's most beautiful spots

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Places: Mayrhofen
Location: Mayrhofen
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  • Thu, 20.12.2018 - 18:30 hrs in deinen Kalender eintragen


The tradition of "Klöpfel", or "Carol" singing is cherished to this day in the Zillertal Valley. Mayrhofen Men's Choir and the musicians of Mayrhofen Brass Band have devoted themselves to this custom during the run up to Christmas and will be performing their wonderful songs at some of Mayrhofen's most beautiful spots again this year. It all starts on Thursday, 20th December!
Romantic ambience in the hamlet of Hollenzen
Those who are acquainted with Hollenzen, know just how romantic the square is around the village well. Decorated with beautiful Christmas lights in the centre of this idyllic part of the village, the well is illuminated in the most splendid of lights. The men's choir and town band musicians stand in line at 18.30 hrs to perform for the locals of Hollenzen, Eckartau and Laubichl. Hollenzen's closest neighbours, however, are not the only guests made welcome, people travel from afar to the village square in Hollenzen, to enjoy the quarter of an hour of peace and reflection with beautiful music.
Tradition at the old cemetery next to Mayrhofen Parish Church
It seems as if lower Mayrhofen is slumbering peacefully, when the ancient songs sung by the Men's Choir at 19.00 hrs touch the hearts of those watching. The horn blowers of Mayrhofen Town Band contribute with their wonderfully soft sounds - and fill hearts with Christmas spirit.
Emotive atmosphere at Mayrhofen Forest Cemetery
It is quietly situated, in an idyllic setting…Mayrhofen Forest Cemetery. Especially around Christmas, when memories of deceased loved ones are particularly wistful. The songs resonate over the graves, the trumpets add a pleasant tone. After visiting the graves, the mourners gather at the chapel of rest at 19.30 hrs in peaceful reflection. Emotions are hard to keep in check, and tears may bubble to the surface. And yet this is a moment full of joy, as we know in our hearts that the time for family and Christmas is only just around the corner.
Quaint gathering outside Gasthaus Griena in Dorf Haus
The singers and musicians meet again at 20.00 hrs outside Gasthaus Griena in the little hamlet of Dorf Haus. Christmas songs and music resonate throughout the village, against the backdrop of the romantically illuminated and several hundred-year-old Gasthaus Griena. Friends of the Men's Choir and horn blowers nod appreciatively in accord with the festive music.
Crowning conclusion in front of Edenlehen Chapel
As is the case every year, the "Klopfen" singers' final port of call in Mayrhofen is at Edenlehen Chapel, named after the hotel next to which it stands. A beautifully illuminated Christmas tree stands to the left of the chapel, in which the statue of the Virgin Mary on the altar is bathed in candlelight. An outdoor fire bowl creates a romantic ambience, around which visitors and locals gather to warm themselves and reflect on this wonderful moment. The Men's Choir and musicians begin their programme in a hushed atmosphere, in which the advent songs can be heard for a final time in front of the Edenlehen.
Mayrhofen Men's Choir, the brass section of Mayrhofen Town Band, the village communities and innkeepers look forward to welcoming many listeners and guests to these various venues on Thursday, 20th December 2018.


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