Mayrhofen Ultraks


Mayrhofen im Zillertal is the setting for this spectacular trail running event in 2021.

There are different routes to choose from. They were developed by race director, Markus Kröll, especially for his special home event.

Short, Middle & Long - There are three routes

Start and finish will be in front of the Europahaus in Mayrhofen.

  • The "Short" distance of 14km and 990m in altitude difference is perfect for novice trail runners.
  • the "Middle" distance of 33km and 2,210m in altitude difference is suitable for advanced runners.
  • The "Long" distance of 54km and 3,830m in altitude difference appeals particularly to trail runner specialists.

Runners enjoy magnificent panoramas on all routes, with the four mountains that form distinctive landmarks of this famous holiday resort in constant view. Mount Kolm, the Ahornspitze, Grinberg and Tristner accompany the runners throughout the entire course.

Markus Kröll - Race Director: "Planning the routes was a good deal of work. I think the routes offer spectacular conditions for not only experienced trail running funs, but for beginners too. I have been trail running for the past 30 years and have rarely experienced a downhill like the one in Mayrhofen."

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