Red Bull "Almauftrieb" Alpine Uphill

9th June 2018 in Mayrhofen in Zillertal

The first Red Bull "Almauftrieb" Alpine Uphill - a unique fitness event, where CrossFit meets trail running, urban fitness meets nature and cows meet kettlebells - takes place in Zillertal on 9th June. Around 6 kilometres and a not-to-be-sneezed-at 600 metres in altitude difference, peppered with 6 exciting fitness challenges are waiting for their athletic challengers. Registrations have begun.

Excruciating fitness challenges have never been more attractive! All guys and gals wanting to take on a new challenge outside of their CrossFit box, should look no further than the Red Bull "Almauftrieb" Alpine Uphill on 9th June - along the same route that herdsmen use to drive their cattle from the valley up to their alpine grazing pastures on the mountain - through the beautiful Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region and the sunny village of Brandberg in the Zillertal Valley. What makes it so special: participants can look forward to breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and some unique challenges along this 6 kilometre long trek to Steinerkogl, with 600 metres in elevation difference. As one could probably expect, this isn’t just about the fastest man or women conquering the route. All those interested in CrossFit, high intensity interval training, Tabata or trail running will be challenged when the CrossFit genre encounter straw bales. This unique fitness event requires participants to leave their own comfort zone and face tough fitness challenges where straw, wood and milk cans push even the toughest under the sun to their absolute limits.


As enchanting as the Zillertal Valley landscape the participants must traverse on 9th June may be, this mountain run up to the alpine pastures is peppered with a few eye-watering challenges. While 600 metres in elevation difference and the 6 kilometre long course tests the stamina of race participants, 6 extraordinary challenges along the way are going to take them to their absolute limits.


The following challenges must be surmounted:

  • Hay scramble
  • Tree trunk hoist
  • Forest obstacle course
  • Box jumps at the football field
  • Milk churn carry and
  • Alpine hut climb