Zillertal Steinbockmarch in Ginzling

Tradition, Challenge & Jubilee

That was the 50th Zillertal Steinbock March and Run

Bright sunshine, perfect weather for hiking and running, not too hot yet dry terrain, were the fortuitous conditions enjoyed by those competing in the 50th anniversary event of the Zillertal Steinbock March. Organised by Ginzling Voluntary Fire Brigade and Ginzling locality, up to 1,000 people took part in the anniversary trek and Steinbock Run.

Zillertal Steinbock Run

The Zillertal Steinbock Run was re-introduced in celebration of the event's 50th anniversary. 100 runners were counted at the mass start at 6.00 a.m. with chip timekeeping. Local hero, Markus Kröll, who was only an onlooker this year, is thrilled. "As an athlete, it is a joy to see so many young runners taking part!“ The results speak for themselves:

1.Christian Kreidl from Racing Team Mountainshop Hörhager with a finishing time of 2:48:05,5

2.Patric Hörhager from Racing Team Mountainshop Hörhager with a finishing time of 2:59:03,5

3.Simon Stock from WSK Verbund with a finishing time of 3:04:45,4

4.Martin Kaschmann from Fügen with a finishing time of 3:04:45,5

The ladies also achieved some brilliant results at this year's Zillertal Steinbock Run. The following athletes filled the top three women's positions:

1.Stephanie Kröll from Fügen with 3:24:12,4

2.Petra Gruber from Stans with 4:02:41,9

3.Helga Platzgummer from Merano (IT) with 4:04:51,0

Zillertal Steinbock March

The traditional Steinbock March also met with great approval among the hiking populace. The first hikers set off at 5.00 a.m. to conquer the gruelling stretch. Those who rise to this challenge, triumph over themselves!

The Results:

1.Reinhold Doblinger from Pramet with 3:32:16,0

2.Christian Tscharnig from Volders with 3:32:36,3

3.Heinz Lechner from FC Karlskronawith 3:35:38,2

And those who believe that only hardened men are able to accomplish this feat are sorely mistaken, because plenty of women rose to the challenge, demonstrating undeniable girl power along the way:

1.Carina Altmanninger from Naturfreunden with 4:24:06,8

2.Barbara Schießling from Reith i.A. with 4:40:17,0

3.Andrea Kerschdorfer from Kaltenbach with 4:40:46,7

51st Zillertal Seinbock March - 17th August 2019

It is a long-standing institution in Ginzling; no summer is truly complete without the Zillertal Steinbock March! On Saturday, 19.08.2018, and for the 51st year in succession, hikers, climbers and trail runners will embark on this 30 km long trek from Ginzling to Breitlahner Alpine Guest House - not along the road, but over hill and dale.


More information on the Zillertal Steinbock March is available from:

Ginzling Administration Offices
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T: +43 5286 5218
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