Mayrhofner Advent

Mayrhofner Advent at the Forest Festival Area in 2024

Gentle melodies with a quietly festive ambience

Relaxation, peace & quiet. Just take a deep, satisfying breath and enjoy all that the traditional Mayrhofner Advent in the Tyrolean Zillertal offers.

You will search in vain for gaudy decorations and annoying Christmas jingles. Well away from commercialism and noise, you can feel the true spirit of Christmas in Mayrhofen and Hippach, experience local customs and savour joyful anticipation for the fast-approaching Christmas Eve. In any case: local customs are put in the spotlight here and you won't be seeing Santa Claus. Because the bringer of gifts and an important part of Tyrolean tradition has always been the "Christkind" (baby Jesus) in this part of the world. Mayrhofner Advent at the Forest Festival Area is the perfect alternative to commercialised Christmas markets and guarantees superior quality standards. Exquisite local products to eat and drink are offered at the many beautifully decorated stalls, where you can treat yourself to some time-out next to a romantic open fire. A hand-tied Advent wreath with a diameter of 3.5 metres is a real eye-catcher and will bathe the Mayrhofner Advent in festive light. .

What you can look forward to:

Mellow Tones

Music deliberately "unplugged" - harmonious tones from brass ensembles, choirs, traditional "Klöpfl" singers and local music groups spread Christmas cheer and turn the Mayrhofen Forest Festival Area into a place to meet and mingle.


Craftsmen and women present their traditional wares at the many stands: e.g. wood carvings, classic nativity scenes and "Doggln" - handmade felt slippers that are particularly popular in winter - and much more.


The seductive smell of Christmas cookies, mulled wine, tea, punch, hot chestnuts, "Zillertaler Krapfen - savoury crepes" and "Kiachl doughnuts", ... tempt visitors to sample the delights offered at the food stalls.

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Forest Festival Area

The Forest Festival Area's ambience invites you to linger, with gentle festive melodies and pre-Christmas charm. A place of calm and contemplation.