Dein Wohlbefinden im Zillertal ist uns wichtig und wir erforschen es in einem gemeinsamen Projekt mit der Universität Innsbruck. Werde auch du ein Teil davon!

"Hello! How are you?“

This is not just an empty phrase for us - but something we take very seriously! Your wellbeing is important to us here in Zillertal

Become part of our "Feel Good Community" and let us know how you feel?

How did you like the Zilletal?
I will visit the Zillertal again
  • Why are we doing this?

    As a tourism region, we are not only a holiday paradise, ski resort and hiking area, we also have a social responsibility for people who visit us, and for those who live and work here. For us it is far more important to find out how comfortable people feel here, than to boast ever-increasing overnight stays.

  • How does it work?

    The asks you at random intervals how you feel. By random we don't mean arbitrarily, but during the course of your stay. For example, after booking an experience, after a skiing, or when you are back home again. It is important to us to find out how your feelings change during your stay, when you feel most comfortable, or when there is room for improvement.

  • No annoying questionnaires - we promise!

    Don't worry! We won't bother you with tedious questionnaires. You will only receive some push notifications or emails in which you briefly move a slider and, if you wish, leave a comment.

  • We share the results with you!

    Assessing customer satisfaction along the customer journey and its influencing factors are valuable insights that we are happy to share with you. Sign up and tell us how you feel when asks. All participants will receive an interim report with initial findings at the end of the 2021/22 winter season.

  • Data protection – your personal information is kept confidential.

    Data protection is of utmost importance to us. The "feelings" we collect are related to activities, times of the day and places – but not to your personal details.

IMPORTANT: Please therefore enable your notification and location settings within the app.