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Zillertal - Valley of Music

Music & More

Music unites

Music from an early age

This would hardly be possible in its current form without the enthusiastic participation of the valley's many musicians. Thanks to the traditional brass bands and music groups, as well as music teachers who pass their knowledge onto the next generation with great dedication and motivation, Zillertal is proud to be known as the "Valley of Music".

Music is Tradition

Open air concerts and Tyrolean Evenings - tradition is a constant source of inspiration! The five local brass music bands perform rousing renditions at the weekly concerts. The extensive programme of each individual group invites you to linger and is undoubtedly a holiday highlight for all brass music lovers.

Amateur Dramatics Society

Actors love to transform themselves and slip into foreign roles. The Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region is home of two acting groups that regularly perform a wide variety of plays.

MAYRHOFEN AMATEUR DRAMATICS SOCIETY Love to focus on playing a part, to work on and empathise with the role. To move, speak and gesticulate like the character in the play.

To totally absorb oneself in the role and convey that persona, rivetting audiences attention to what is being portrayed on stage. "There is quite simply nothing better than acting!"

HIPPACH FOLKS THEATRE The "Hippach Folks Theatre" has constantly thrilled theatre-goers with exciting performances year in year out. Despite the fact they deliberately refrained from performing "Lederhosen stereotypes" and have increasingly concentrated on unpretentious, compelling plays.


The finest musical entertainment can be found at Event-Summer in Mayrhofen and Hippach. Folk music greats such as Marc Pircher, die Mayrhofner, Freddy Pfister Band, Ursprung Buam any many more ensure the atmosphere is lively. Walks & Music combine the enjoyment of nature and music.

Music & More
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