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One region, two mountains, 1,000 possibilities

Mayrhofen-Hippach offers mountains of emotions in the snow, but the holiday region also surprises and fascinates visitors in summer!

Emotions are a recurring theme during winter in Mayrhofen-Hippach and what turn ski holidays into the ultimate experience. Our guests are free to choose from a wide range of emotionally charged activities amidst this holiday region, which is romantic, laid back and down to earth, yet at the same time stylish and super-sporty. The two ski mountains, Ahorn and Penken, undoubtedly make the hearts of every ski-sport-lover skip a beat. You can glide up to the top of Mount Ahorn in only a few minutes with the Ahornbahn, Austria's largest gondola lift, before exploring the sumptuous slopes with stunning panoramas and enjoying a relaxing visit to the White Lounge and Igloo Village at 2,000 metres above sea level. The versatility of the region becomes immediately apparent on switching from Leisure Mount Ahorn to Action Mount Penken, where exceptional challenges await: Harakiri is Austria's steepest slope with an incredible 78 per cent incline gradient and true cult status.

Tradition and modernity, action and tranquility

Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region tells its story not through words, but through its people, its nature and mountain cabins. Those who keep their eyes open will be surprised and captivated by this holiday region in the Zillertal Valley and encounter a region full of contrasts: tradition and modernity, action and tranquillity exist side by side in landscapes easy to explore on foot. Families and hikers can start out in whichever direction they fancy, take leisurely hikes, or alpine tours. Be it on Action Mount Penken or Leisure Mount Ahorn, in the tributary valleys, long-distance hiking trails and multi-day hut-to-hut tours, or simple day trips - all are accompanied by magnificent views of the sprawling 422 km² Zillertal Alps Nature Park.

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Discover more about the region, the contrast-filled and pulsating heart of the Zillertal Valley, with mountains to "conquer" and over 150 years of experience in tourism.
Fascinating stories, told by the most diverse personas, describe Mayrhofen-Hippach in all its facets.

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