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Variety is the spice of life in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region

10 not-to-be-missed experiences!

There are many more than just 10 reasons to visit the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region, because there is SO much to see, enjoy and experience. We have compiled a list of 10 of our not-to-be-missed experiences for all those who need to find out why spending a holiday here in Zillertal is so worthwhile!


1. Ride with Austria's largest cable car

Glide from Mayrhofen up to Leisure Mount Ahorn and savour views over the entire Zillertal Valley. This commodious cabin can accommodate up to 160 persons and whisks you from 630 metres above sea level to 2,000 metres in no time at all!


2. Eagle's Stage

Once atop Mount Ahorn, you shouldn't miss a visit to the Eagle's Stage. Domestic birds such as buzzards, eagles and vultures perform a masterful ai-show, during which falconry expert, Didi, provides interesting information on these alpine animals.


3. Zillertal Alps Nature Park

Once you see it, you are already in its midst! The 422 km² Zillertal Alps Nature Park extends over all of Mayrhofen's tributary valleys and will always remain unspoiled - as a protected area with magnificent flora and fauna.


4. "Almabtrieb" cattle drives in autumn

After a long summer spent grazing in high alpine terrain, the animals and their keepers return to the valley from the pastures. This wonderful tradition involves dressing the cows, sheep and horses in elaborate headdresses in celebration of a summer spent unscathed on the mountain pastures, before herding the animals through the village and back to their farms in the valley. The sight is so beautiful, that thousands of people line the road to welcome them back home to the valley.


5. Via ferrate in Mayrhofen and Ginzling

Seldom is such easy access to via ferrate climbing routes granted as in Mayrhofen and Ginzling. After an approach time of only 5 minutes, the fun can begin. Everyone can enjoy the inimitable feeling of climbing, provided they have the right equipment, which is available to hire in Mayrhofen.


6. White Lounge

Inviting beanbags and loungers, with chilled music and delicious cocktails, is one experience in winter on Mount Ahorn that truly shouldn't be missed. Views of the surrounding mountains are to die for ... Carpe diem!


7. Harakiri

It is called the steepest slope in Austria - and that is no exaggeration - the legendary Harakiri with an incline gradient of 78%! In order to rank among the elite, good skiers need to tackle it at least once in their lives. But beware! She has been known to bite back! If you lose it on the Harakiri, there is no going back - so be sure you can handle the challenge before you set out!


8. Penken Park

Paradise on earth for all snowboarders and freeskiers and a feast for the eyes for all other winter sports enthusiasts. If you don't feel up to the challenge of jumping the kickers, you just have to join the sidelines to watch the freestyler's aerial antics on these über-dimensional jumps!


9. High Street shopping extravaganza

Stroll down the low traffic area of Mayrhofen's High Street, admire the beautifully decorated shop windows and treat yourself to some new clothes or maybe some jewellery. Plenty of cafes and bars are dotted along the High Street, where you can take a pleasant break and just chill out!


10. Mayrhofner Advent

This is not your run-of-the-mill Christmas Market with loud Christmas jingles - you will enjoy a more traditional experience here. Alpine music is made and sung next to open fire pits, without the need for any amplifiers. Enticing fragrances of roasting chestnuts and homemade Zillertal delicacies mingle with the scent of mulled wine. The regular pre-Christmas hype seems so far away - and that is a good thing!

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