ÖBB Nightjet

Relaxed travel to Tyrol with the Nightjet service


Convenient and reasonable transport to your holiday destination while you sleep!

Austrian Rail's ÖBB Nightjet trains whisk you comfortably to your destination during the night hours. ÖBB has been offering this service on many different routes since 11th December 2016


You will arrive well-rested and able to start your holiday stress-free.


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Travel comfortably to Tyrol with the ÖBB Nightjet
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ÖBB Nightjet - Austrian Rail night trains
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Three travel categories cater for your every need

You can choose from the following categories:

  • Sleeper (single, double, triple with washing facilities + deluxe with shower / WC, incl. breakfast)
  • Couchette (4-, 6- bed compartments, incl breakfast) and
  • Seated accommodation

You can travel to Tyrol overnight and daily with the ÖBB (Austrian Rail) Nightjet service direct from Hamburg (with stops in Munich, Nuremberg and Frankfurt am Main Airport) and Düsseldorf (with stops in Munich, Nuremberg and Hannover). The opportunity to bring your car, motorbike or bicycle is available on both connections.

Travel to the mountains with the ÖBB Nightjet - where the peak of happiness awaits in Mayrhofen


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