Flying Fox #Schlegeis131

Place: Mayrhofen

The Flying Fox or 'ZIP Line' is our new attraction at the Schlegeis Dam. Glide through the air along the wall of the dam, 131 metres above the ground, in the heart of the Zillertal Alps. The Flying Fox will give you the adrenaline rush of your life.

Flying Fox:
Price & Special Deals:
#Schlegeis 131 Flying Fox: € 36,00 p.p.
Prerequisite: a good head for heights & minimum body weight of 40kg + maximum body weight of 120kg.

Special Offers:
Combi Ticket: € 59,00 p.p., Flying Fox & Abseiling
Combi Family Ticket: € 56,00 p.p., Flying Fox & Abseiling, 3 or more people
Group Ticket: € 34,00 p.p., Abseiling, 3 or more people
Combi Group Ticket: € 54,00 p.p., Flying Fox & Abseiling, 5 or more people

Present your road toll ticket and receive a one-off € 2,00 discount.

Special Offers for Groups:
We also offer various attractive packages for groups, companies and other organisations incl. refreshments at the s'Raschtl snack bar.


Schlegeis 131
6295 Ginzling
T: (0043) 664 40944 09