s'Raschtl 1.785m - Schlegeisspeicher

Place: Ginzling

The s'Raschtl snack bar serves as a base camp and information point for all activities at #SCHLEGEIS131 and offers food, drinks and other goodies, which will provide a particularly pleasant end to the day at Schlegeis Dam. Enjoy the unique panoramic views and experience the special hospitality, even if you're not climbing and just wish to enjoy the unique surroundings.

The s'Raschtl snack bar is located right on the crest of the dam at Schlegies Reservoir. Parking is on the left directly after the last tunnel at the start of the dam.  

opening season

from 24.05.2019 to 26.10.2019


Schlegeis 131
6295 Ginzling
T: (0043) 664 40944 09