The Contact-Tracing Web-App

The easy way to comply with registration requirements Since 19th October 2020, catering establishments in Tyrol are required to request and record contact details of their customers, which is why " Tracy " is now available for all guests in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region. "THANK YOU, for playing your part" – is a sentence you will find on small table displays in the bars and restaurants in the whole Zillertal , in reference to a QR code for registering on Tracy - the contact-tracing-app. As a guest, you scan the restaurant's QR code and then fill in the required information on your smartphone or tablet. These contact details only need to be entered the first time you use the app. More information on TRACY here

If a guest is suspected of having contracted Corona virus, the data will be passed on to the authorities to clarify whether there was a risk of infection for people who visited the restaurant on the same day as the infected person. After 28 days all data will be automatically deleted. This self-registration saves the restaurant business valuable time in an emergency, because the health authorities can quickly determine who was in the restaurant at the same time. Thank you, for playing your part!


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