Die Fetzig'n

Their name says it all! The mood is "fetzig" crazy, wherever they perform!

Thanks to TV appearances on "Musikantenstadl", "Immer wieder sonntags", "Wenn die Musi spielt Sommer and Winter Open Air", "Schlager Fun with Andy Borg", "Daheim in Österreich," these likeable folk musicians are already well-known way beyond the provincial borders. The 3 musicians even stormed the Austrian album charts for 6 weeks in 2019, with their "Gipfeltreffen" album.  No wonder really, as they were born with musical talent and music has accompanied them from an early age. They have been on the road with a "Backpack full of music" ever since and have been performing in German speaking countries since 2009.  Together, the friends, Georg Spitaler, Daniel Gruber and Michael Spitaler, make up "Die Fetzig’n" band, whose musical ability, as well the fun of performing traditional and modern folk music is evident from the very first moment of every performance! "Quaint and nicely cheeky - with an authenticity that can be neither learnt nor bought, but at best "inherited", when you are born in the "Valley of 1,000 songs".

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The Autumn festival with the band "Fetzig'n 2023 im Zillertal

A varied programme with well-known musicians awaits you!

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