Regional products at the farmers market in Mayrhofen.

Easter Farmer's market in Mayrhofen

Genuine and fresh regional products

Mayrhofen’s Farmer’s Market has a long tradition in the community with authenticity and regionality at its heart. See for yourself! With the Easter farmers' market on Saturday, 16 April 2022, it opens its doors for this season and invites you to stroll, taste and shop.

Fresh, seasonal fruit and vegetables, breads, cheeses, eggs, hams, and many other quality regional products can be found in this small “shopping mall”. Get to know the local farmers and hear some entertaining stories from the Ziller Valley or get some cooking tips during a friendly “Hoagacht” (chat).

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  • Every Friday from 06th May to 16th September 2022 from 09.00 hrs to 13.00 hrs

  • On the first Friday of the month from 16.00 hrs to 20.00 hrs

  • Zillertal Harvest Festival - Farmers' Market 23rd & 30th September and 07th & 14th October 2022 from 15.00 hrs to 18.00 hrs in Mayrhofen

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