Stress-free by bus to the side valleys

Easy rides into the tributary valleys

Easy rides into the tributary valleys by bus

Excursions into the tributary valleys:

Zemmgrund - Schlegeis Reservoir:

Bus service to Schlegeis Reservoir every 30 minutes. The new timetable creates climate-friendly alternatives to using your own car.

Flexible, climate-friendly and comfortable: are the advantages of the new bus service to Schlegeis Reservoir. The new VVT timetable starts on 9th July, which includes a bus service that shuttles every 30 minutes to Schlegeis, so you can leave your car at home and travel conveniently by bus.

Zemmgrund Valley & Schlegeis Reservoir

From the mountaineering village of Ginzling to the Schlegeis Reservoir

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Zillergrund - Car-Free Days:

The new "car-free days in Zillergrund" is yet another step towards environmentally and climate-friendly mobility. The entire Zillergrund Valley will be car-free on 4 dates during the period from June to September!

Car Free Days Zillergrund

Take the bus and show your support for environmentally friendly mobility

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Stilluptal - Waterfall Trail

Stilluptal is not only a popular day trip destination, but also appreciated for its numerous waterfalls and rugged streams. The new Waterfall Trail adds yet another wonderful mountain experience to this beautiful valley, offering a refreshing break on hot summer days. Bus services to the Stilluptal Valley shuttle from Mayrhofen to Gasthof Wasserfall and the Grünen-Wand-Hütte.

The Stilluptal Valley

This natural paradise begins just behind Mayrhofen...

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