Erwin Aschenwald in the Stilluptal Valley

Erwin Aschenwald and "Die Mayrhofner"

The viloa-playing grandpa from Tyrol

Erwin Aschenwald heralds from a family of hunters (the so-called "Schotta" family) from Mayrhofen. Every year in spring, his parents moved with their children to a hunting lodge in the Stilluptal Valley, where they spent the summer. Erwin and his brothers earned their first money as young shepherds.

One day, Erwin discovered an old Styrian accordion in Grandpa Ferdl's attic. He was immediately fascinated by the instrument and, after initial attempts at playing it, the foundations for his passion for music were laid.

Demonstrating much diligence and perseverance, the young Erwin Aschenwald acquired all the necessary skills to become a professional musician. He learned from the best, continued to practice and began to compose. The formative experiences and feelings from his childhood are reflected in almost all of his compositions, as is his love of nature and his homeland.

The passionate musician's ability to encounter others with great sincerity and appreciation is a very special gift. "Many people like me and I actually like everyone", is one of his favourite quotes. Erwin takes his audiences by storm: whether in Europe, Africa or Australia and has become an important ambassador for the Zillertal Valley with his music.

An equally important cornerstone of Erwin Aschenwald's success, is his wife Uschi and their five children. As "Die Mayrhofner," they perform at concerts and thrill countless fans from all over the world at their legendary Hooo-Ruck festivals.

An overview of his musical career:

  • 1973 first appearances as "Mayrhofner Duo"

  • Accordion studies at the Bruckner Conservatory in Linz

  • 1982 – Austrian State Champion on the accordion

  • 1981 Joined the Austrian Accordion Association

  • 1990 Became self-employed as a professional musician and

  • Appearances with the Austrian Tourist Board on all continents - as an ambassador and testimonial for the Zillertal Valley – from Australis, to South Africa and Cyprus.

  • 1995/96 Erwin Aschenwald received his first Golden Disc with his group "Die Mayrhofner," with many more to follow...

  • 2007 3rd place at the Grand Prix of Folk Music

  • 2013 Medal of Merit from the State of Tyrol

Well-known compositions: Hooo-Ruck, Sonntagsjodler, Schei-wi-die-wi-du, Der Geigenopa aus Tiroland many more.

Numerous TV appearances: Musikantenstadl, Wenn die Musi spielt, Florian Silbereisen, Immer Sonntags, Mountain Melodies, Olympic Games and many more...

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