FAQs on the WINTER-DEAL 2021

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How can I redeem the WINTER-DEAL voucher? Please use the multi-digit code on your voucher to redeem it. Place your purchases in the shopping cart and click on the text "ENTER VOUCHER CODE". A field will then open in which you can enter your code. Click on "Redeem Code". The value of your voucher will immediately be deducted from the total amount. To complete your purchase, click on "proceed to checkout" and pay the remaining balance using your preferred method of payment. On which services and in which period can the WINTER-DEAL be redeemed? The WINTER-DEAL voucher can be redeemed on all adventures, all ski school services and ski rentals, (selected) lift tickets (excluded season tickets) and on all accommodation bookings. Can I use several WINTER-DEAL vouchers on one order? We kindly ask for your understanding, that only one voucher can be redeemed per order. Do I have to redeem the entire voucher amount at once? No, you don't have to. If there is still credit left after your purchase, you will receive a new voucher for the remaining difference via email. What happens with any remaining balance? If there is still a credit left after your purchase, you will receive a new voucher for that amount via email. Can I redeem my WINTER-DEAL voucher offline? No, the WINTER-DEAL can only be redeemed online at on all adventures, ski school services, ski rentals, lift tickets and accommodation bookings. Is the WINTER-DEAL voucher transferable? Yes, you are welcome to pass you voucher on to others. What do I do if the voucher code is invalid?

  • If the system does not accept your voucher code, it may be due to the following reasons: Perhaps you have entered a number or letter wrongly. We therefore recommend that you copy the code directly from the voucher e-mail and paste it into the applicable field.

  • The amount booked on the given voucher has already been redeemed.

  • If you still have problems redeeming your voucher, please contact our helpdesk team:

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