Free cancellation option

up to 7 days or less before arrival

Safe & flexible holidays: Enjoy the Mountain summer in the Zillertal Valley. Find suitable accommodation now, just the kind you are looking for.   BOOK WITH US AND ENJOY THE FOLLOWING BENEFITS:

  • Filters facilitate your search for accommodation with free cancellation options until shortly before arrival.

  • Accommodation providers offering relaxed cancellation conditions (7 days or less before arrival) are specially highlighted.

  • In the event of a new lockdown with a ban on accommodation or border closure occurring on your holiday date, free cancellation is always possible (unless otherwise stipulated by the accommodation provider).

  • Accommodation providers implement additional safety and hygiene measures for your protection, details of which can be found here.

7 days cancellation

Free cancellation option up to 7 days or less before arrival

Together with the hosts we created the promotion "free cancellation up to 7 days or less before arrival". This gives you the opportunity to book your vacation carefree.

The promotion is valid for bookings with arrival between 08.01. to 30.04.2022 and for all accommodations marked with the red logo.

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