Freeriding in Zillertal

Freeriding in Zillertal

Surfing on powder has got to be the most beautiful feeling ever in winter!

With over 300 km of freeriding terrain, the freeride area around Mayrhofen Hippach in Zillertal, Tyrol is one of the largest in the entire Alps. 80% of the fabulous runs can be accessed using state of the art lifts up to 3,250 metres above sea level. You will need to plan a short hike to access the rest. Freeriders can enjoy variants of up to 2,000 metres in altitude difference in the remote valleys of Zillertal. Not only skiers, but also snowboarders can look forward to snowboard friendly off piste runs without annoying cross-runs. Winter sports enthusiasts wanting to try out this sport should always be aware that alpine dangers lurk in back country terrain and it is vital to be able to assess them properly. Even though it is important that every freerider carries the obligatory safety equipment (avalanche airbag,transceiver, probe, spade and helmet), it is better to avoid the dangers in the first place. Never rely on tracks left by others, they offer no security! It is best to secure the services of an experienced local mountain guide that specialises in freeriding for carefree deep snow adventures. These pros know every powder slope around and are constantly out and about back country and are therefore aware of the prevailing avalanche situation and snow conditions.

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