Mayrhofner Bergbahnen FAQ's



Do I have to pay separately to use the Kombibahn Penken? A: No, use of the Kombibahn Penken is included in our ticket for one mountain ascent and descent.

Why do I have to pay € 2.00 deposit for the ticket? A: We issue our tickets on a keycard, which is a more environmentally friendly option. The keycard can be reused several hundred times, which is an important contribution to keeping our mountains clean.

Where can I get the deposit refunded? A: The deposit can be refunded at all cash desks of the Zillertal cable car enterprises, as well as at designated machines at the cable car stations.

Why do I need the ticket in the first place? A: The keycard ticket acts as a storage device for authorisation to use the cable car. The card facilitates contactless access through the turnstiles at the cable cars/lifts.

How to I obtain the Guest Card? A: The Guest Card is available from your accommodation provider (hotel, private lodgings, etc.). It confirms that you are properly registered with the appropriate tourism association.

Does the Guest Card entitle me to use the cable cars for free? A: No, the Guest Card does not entitle you to use the cable cars for free, but you do receive a discount on certain services.

Why are the tickets so expensive? A: Due to general rising prices, index adjustments, maintenance costs, renovations and expansions for more comfort and a better overall experience, price increases are unavoidable.

Is it possible to travel up and down all day long with the one mountain ascent and descent ticket? A: The ascent and descent ticket comprises of one ascent and one descent.

Are bus tickets available from the cable car ticket offices? A: We do not sell bus tickets for our bus operators in the valley.

Where can I pay for the car park ticket in cash? A: The car park ticket can be paid for in cash at one of our ticket machines, or at the Ahornbahn and Penkenbahn cable car cash desks.

Where should I go if the ticket machine/parking machine is broken? A: Tickets can be purchased and returned at the cash desks of the respective cable car locations.

Do you only pay € 3.00 for parking with the Guest Card? A: The Guest Card discount is only available in conjunction with the purchase of one of our cable car tickets. Discounted parking can be paid for on presentation of a pedestrian ticket or ski pass valid for the same day of use.

Is the ski pass included when children have ski lessons? A: Ski courses are offered by local ski schools, however, a ski pass is still required and can be purchased from Mayrhofner Bergbahnen.

Is a pedestrian ticket sufficient if you only use the ‘magic carpet’ conveyor belt? A: A ski pass is always required when using the gondola with ski equipment.

Is the bus included in a Round Trip Ticket? A: The Penkenjoch Loop Hike Ticket is valid for the Penkenbahn, Kombibahn Penken and the Finkenberger Almbahnen (1st and 2nd sections).

Is it possible to return the day ski pass after 13.00 hrs and get a refund? A: We offer a refund for the one-day ski pass until 13.00 hrs, after which there is no refund.

Do I have to redeem the Two-Mountain-Ticket within one day of purchase/on two consecutive days? A: The Two-Mountain-Ticket is valid for a period of 7 days.

Do pensioners travel free? A: We do not offer any discounts other than our group prices.

Is lift use free after 15.00 hrs with the Guest Card? A: We offer a cheaper ticket for one mountain ascent and descent from 15.00 hrs.

Do I get a discount with a disabled person's pass? A: A discount is granted for disabled people with reduced mobility of at least 60% on presentation of ID in original form. Tickets are available at all our cash desks only.

Is there a student discount? A: We do not offer a specific discount for students.

Is there a special ski pass for beginners? A: Guests can choose from our entire range of ski tickets. Day tickets with a refund for early return, half-day tickets and the Superskipass.

Can one ski pass be used by 2 people? A: Our general terms and conditions explicitly state that ski passes are non-transferable.


Is it possible to take my bike with me on Mount Ahorn? A: The Ahorn is our family-orientated mountain and the perfect destination for those seeking a relaxed experience of the mountain world. A variety of summer sports equipment can be transported by the Penkenbahn cable car.

Why is it not possible to take my cycle/trial bike in the gondola? A: We only offer transport for this type of sporting equipment on Mount Penken, where there are also designated routes for cycling.

Is there space for a bike trailer or pushchair in the gondola? A: Pushchairs can be transported on all our cable cars without any problems. The Penkenbahn can also accommodate bikes with a child trailer.

Why is it no longer possible to gain admission once the Birds of Prey Show has started? A: The performance with our birds of prey starts punctually. The birds are extremely sensitive to deviations/disruptions in their work. To be able to deliver a good performance, our performers must not be disturbed during the show.

Is it possible to bring my dog to the Eagle’s Show? A: It is possible, if your dog does not get panicky when placed under a blanket.

Why do dogs have to stay under a blanket during the show? A: The dogs may otherwise be attacked by the birds of prey.

When do we know if the Eagle’s Show is taking place today or not? A: This is decided by the respective falconer shortly before the show commences. The birds are also unable to perform in high winds.

Where is the Eagle’s Stage Ahorn? A: The Eagle’s Stage Ahorn is located on the AhornPlateau, which can be reached with our Ahorn cable car.

Is there a performance at Eagle’s Stage Ahorn today? A: The Eagle’s Stage Ahorn is open from Wednesday to Monday at 14.00 hrs. If the weather deteriorates, the performance may be cancelled at short notice.


Am I allowed to slide or toboggan down the mountain on the PistenBock? A: There are designated lanes and slopes for the PistenBock on Mount Ahorn. Sledding is allowed only at your own risk and exclusively at the edge of the piste in order to avoid collisions with skiers.

Why are the winter hiking trails covered in snow? A: The hiking trails are generally well-maintained in winter, however, as we are not allowed to use any aids such as salt, it is impossible to keep them completely free of snow. Nature conservation comes first.

Why do you only offer one SnowCat ride per day? A: Our SnowCat ride is available on Mount Ahorn. Only one piste is suitable for this ride. In order not to cause any disruption to normal maintenance operations (the slopes are already being prepared for the next day), the ride is only undertaken with one piste groomer.

When were the pistes last groomed? A: Our pistes are groomed every day after closing. In case of snowfall during the night, the slopes are prepared for skiing in the early morning hours. We take great care to ensure that our pistes are kept in optimal condition for our guests.

Am I allowed use the PistenBock on the ValleyRun Ahorn? A: For our PistenBock, a separate slope, specifically designed for adventurous rides, is always prepared on the AhornPlateau. It is not possible to toboggan down the ValleyRun Ahorn.

Why is tobogganing not allowed on the pistes? A: As skiers use the pistes, they are too dangerous for tobogganing. Furthermore, there is no safety equipment for tobogganing installed on the edge of the piste. Moreover, many lifts are not allowed to transport pedestrians.

Why are pedestrians not allowed on every chairlift in winter? A: Not all lifts are authorised by our respective authorities to transport walkers.


Is this the Penkenbahn or the Ahornbahn? A: That depends on where the respective person happens to be at the time. The large Ahornbahn gondola is located on Ahornstrasse. The smaller gondolas of the Penkenbahn are located on the main street.

Where does the lift start from? A: The lift always starts from the valley station and takes passengers up to the mountain station at approx. 2000 metres above sea level.

Are there parking spaces for the disabled? A: Disabled parking is available at our Ahorn and Horberg car parks.

Is there a danger of encountering bears on the mountains? A: We are not currently aware of the presence of any such wild animals on our mountains.

Where can I hold on to if I lose my balance? A: There are fixtures in each gondola to hold on to and ensure a secure footing.

Are there any lockers down here? A: Lockers are offered by our partners at Sport Bründl.

With the Ascent and Descent Ticket, am I allowed to get off at the mountain station or do I have to go straight down again? A: You are more than welcome to take advantage of our services in the mountains and spend your entire day at lofty heights. One ascent and one descent are always included in your ticket. Each guest decides for themselves how much time they want to spend on the mountain.

If there is no more room in the last gondola, do I have to stay on the mountain? A: All our guests will always be transported down to the valley.

Where do I have to get off? A: At the mountain station, you will be offered the opportunity to explore the mountain world.

Why does my dog have to wear a muzzle? A: Like bus companies, cableways are categorised as transport providers in the public sector. Austrian law stipulates that only dogs wearing a muzzle may be transported.

Is it possible to rent a muzzle? A: We offer the option of buying a muzzle for your dog.

Why does the Ahornbahn not operate at shorter intervals? A: The Ahornbahn takes around 7 minutes to complete its journey. Our guests should also be able to board and leave the gondola in a relaxed atmosphere. This results in an interval of 15 minutes at an optimal degree of capacity utilisation.

Why don't you just add a second gondola to the Ahornbahn? Wouldn’t that make it faster? A: Aerial cableways do not fulfil the technical requirements for carrying additional gondolas. The Ahornbahn is Austria’s largest cableway (160 passengers).

Is the Ahornbahn not operating today? I can’t see any gondolas. A: When our gondolas enter the stations, they are not visible to our guests.

Do I get my money back if there was no visibility at the top? A: We offer an ascent and descent. It is up to you to decide when and if you want to buy a ticket. On request, our ticket office staff will gladly inform you about weather conditions on the mountain.

Is it raining or snowing at the top? A: A glance at our weather panorama should quickly answer this question. The webcam may also be accessed via our website.

Why am I not allowed to swim in the big lakes? A: Our lakes are not suitable for swimming. The legal requirements for a swimming pond on the mountain would be too enormous to fulfil (lifeguards etc.).

Is Schlegeis Reservoir accessible from the top? A: Schlegeis Reservoir is located in the Zemmtal Valley, which cannot be reached via our mountains.

Is there a lift up to the cable car? A: We operate a lift for guests with walking difficulties.

Is it possible to pay via bank transfer? A: Upon request, guests may receive an offer with the option of prepayment by bank transfer.

What are the opening hours? A: Please refer to the respective media publications for our operating hours.

What will the weather be like tomorrow or at Christmas? A: Our weather service can usually only provide a 14-day forecast.

Is it possible to use the cableways in a wheelchair? A: Guests with wheelchairs are welcome to use our cable cars. They may also be transported to the Eagle’s Stage via our wheelchair service.

How far can I explore with my wheelchair? A: The wheelchair service can be used by registering at the Ahornbahn ticket office. This way, the Ahorn plateau may comfortably be explored. You can also access Lake AhornSee with your own in a wheelchair, if this is equipped with larger wheels.

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