Eagle's Stage Ahorn


When as many as 800 spectators hold their breath at the same time, you can really feel the excitement at the Eagle’s Stage Ahorn in Mayrhofen in Zillertal. That’s where the kings of the sky hover just inches above the heads of spectators before diving down to grab some bait, providing for some unforgettable moments at 2,000 metres above sea level. Accompanied by his wife Waltraud, Didi Wechselberger, manager of Europe´s highest Birds of Prey station, lets you experience these aerial acrobats up close and in action. Birds of Prey Show daily from mid-June to October (except Tuesday) at 02.00 p.m.

You will get to observe eagles, owls, buzzards, falcons, and other majestic birds up close, marvel at their spectacular aerial acrobatics, and learn all about their skills and habits from our two falconers (German only!). The Eagle’s Stage Ahorn is a truly fascinating highlight and a must-see attraction of any visit to Mayrhofen in the summer!


Lanner Falcon "Kaya"

Falco Biarmicus

Kaya is a native american name meaning little sister.

She is now 7 weeks young, about 40 cm long and weighs about 600 grams. The sex of the bird cannot yet be determined 100%.

The animal is currently feeling very comfortable with our falconers and we are looking forward to the first flight of the newcomer.

Eagle's Stage Ahorn, Mayrhofen, Bird of Prey Kaya
Eagle's Stage Ahorn – Facts:
You can reach the Eagle’s Stage Ahorn easily in a 10-minute walk from the Ahornbahn mountain station.
Birds of Prey Show daily from mid-June to October (except Tuesday) at 02.00 p.m.
Visitors can enter the Eagle’s Stage Ahorn free of charge from mid-June to October, daily (except Wednesday) between 10.00 a.m. and 12.00 p.m. Falconers with their Birds of Prey are looking forward to seeing you there.
Disabled friendly access to the Eagle's Stage Ahorn. We offer transport from the Ahornbahn mountain station for handicapped persons and wheelchair users on request.
We recommend that you wear closed shoes.
Booking possible at any Mayrhofner Bergbahnen cash desk or online via

Falconry Backstage


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Every Wednesday from mid-June to October you have the unique opportunity to get a look behind-the-scenes at Europe’s highest birds of prey station. Accompanied by our falconers, you will enjoy a very special day with our majestic birds.

For two hours in the morning, you will learn all the important facts about the Eagle’s Stage Ahorn, the profession of a falconer, and the fascinating features of the animals. You will also join the falconers as they feed and care for the birds, while learning useful information about the protection of animals and the preservation of nature in the Alps.

And then, at 02.00 p.m., well prepared with your new background knowledge and from the best seats in the house, you can finally enjoy the moment you’ve been waiting for, the Birds of Prey Show.

Book Falconry Backstage right here!



“De arte venandi cum avibus!” – know what that means? No? In that case, off you go up Mount Ahorn to the new FalknerOase! This is an activity centre with seven hands-on stations around the reservoir giving you a wealth of information on the history of falconry, the equipment used by falconers, our indigenous Birds of Prey and lots of other fascinating facts. More about it ...

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