Harakiri - the steepest slope experience


The Harakiri on Mount Penken in the Mayrhofen ski area is the most demanding slope in Zillertal. For the first few turns, most skiers are still feeling brave, so they try to go fast. But they quickly realize that in order to tackle the legendary Piste 34, they will need to slow down and be a lot more cautious. This is definitely not your average descent. It’s the Harakiri – and it demands respect. With a gradient of up to 78 percent, it’s for experts only, and for most of them, it’s the highlight of their day, if not of their entire winter holiday. Are you ready for the Harakiri? Still not sure if you can handle it? Then try out Piste 12, the not-so-extreme Devil’sRun, first. The steep part at the end is known among locals as the “Harakiri Test.” If you can make it down that slope, you are ready to tackle Austria's steepest slope adventure!

Please note: Because of the artificial snow and the steep gradient, you will often have to deal with icy riding conditions. Before you try to tackle the Harakiri, check the requirements below.

Facts Harakiri Requirements
The Harakiri Run, Piste 34, is located on Penken, or, more specifically, in the Horbergtal below the 6-person Knorren Chairlift Knowledge of the FIS rules of conduct
It opened in the 2003–2004 winter season Physical fitness and perfect body control
The overall length of the Harakiri is 2 km Skiing skills that are above-average
The actual steep part is about 400 meters long Excellent, sophisticated skiing technique
Preparing the slope with artificial snow is very complicated, because the snow tends to slide down the slope Stable body position
Grooming the slope is only possible with a winch and a special snow groomer that has a 430-horsepower engine, a weight of 9 tons, and a pulling force of 4 tons Concentrate your weight on the outer ski – do not lean towards the slope
Austria's steepest slope experience Carve hard
Suitable equipment including skis with sharp edges and a helmet
Snowblades, short skis and ski bobs are not suitable for the Harakiri Run!

Check FIS rules of conduct

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