Lake Ahornsee and Ahornbachl Stream are the perfect places for nature lovers

Lake AhornSee & AhornBachl Stream


Lake AhornSee and AhornBachl Stream are the perfect places for nature lovers. Around the lake, there are plenty of opportunities to play, rest, and relax. Take a deep breath and dip your your feet in the cool fresh water - this is how we do it up here! On the leisurely hiking trail along AhornBachl Stream, you’ll find various play areas and water oases for even more fun and entertainment on your way to the  Eagle’s Stage Ahorn .

Lake AhornSee AhornBachl Stream
SPLASH AROUND AND RELAX. The idyllic Lake AhornSee invites you to spend time at inviting seating areas - both in the shade in the sun. Visitors of all ages will find plenty of opportunities to play, rest and relax there. TAKE A WALD AND FEEL GOOD. There’s a fantastic walking trail along the stream with various play areas and water oases, making it a great place to enjoy yourself on the way from Lake AhornSee to the Eagle's Stage Ahorn.
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