RacingParadise Unterberg in Mayrhofen


Speed demons, racers, and those who have always wanted to race down a slope will get their money’s worth at RacingParadise Unterberg at Piste 15 in the Mayrhofen ski area, thanks to its two permanently timed giant slalom courses Gold and Silver. Even international ski stars train on these courses for their races. Two of the courses are about 450 meters long and one is about 200 meters long.

Length: about 420 m Length: 200 m
Starting point: 2078.5 m Height starting point: 2192.8 m
End point height: 1959.4 m Height end point: 2138.8 m
Total elevation difference: -119.3 m Total elevation difference: -54 m
Average inclination: -16.5 ° Average inclination: -15.6 °
Discipline: GS, SL Discipline: GS, SL
Fixed timekeeping Fixed timekeeping
Tip: Also test the racingcourse Sun-Jet at the PenkenPark!
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