Peter Habeler on the mountain

Peter Habeler

Mountain guide & extreme mountaineer

Peter Habeler - Mountain Guide & Extreme Mountaineer
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World Famous Alpinist & Mayrhofen's Mountain Professor

Under the motto, "Everyone has their own personal Everest", Peter feels that everyone should look for new challenges in the hiking world, according to their own mental and physical state.The essential thing is to conquer your inner demons and find a challenge that is within your reach. It doesn"t matter how high the summit is you"re aiming for, it's all about creating your own personal Everest. Respect for nature and knowing your own limitations are crucial in this context.


Peter Habeler has conquered an impressive five eight thousand metre peaks during his mountaineering career. His greatest passion, however, remains with the mountains of Zillertal and he conveys that enthusiasm well to guests of his Alpine and Ski School.

Many people go to great lengths to achieve their climbing dream, buy expensive equipment and make endlessly long journeys. It is so much easier for Peter Habeler. He is a passionate walker. "Walking", says the famous mountain climber, "is the measure of all things for me. It"s medative.“

Together with Reinhold Messner in 1974, he climbed the North Face of the Eiger in record time. The undisputed high point of his career was in 1978 when he made the very first Mount Everest ascent without oxygen supplies, accompanied again by Messner. Further legendary summits such as the Nanga Parbat and a total of five eight thousand metre peaks followed. 


Classic mountain climbing in the local mountains such as Große Möseler, Große Löffler and the Olperer are still unforgettable experiences for him today. He also loves simpler tours, which allow guests to experience all the charm of his native mountains.

The Berlin High Trail & Peter Habeler Route are, for him, some of the most beautiful crossings of the Eastern Alps. Walking through the magnificent high alpine landscapes of the Main Alpine Ridge and meeting marmots and ibex goats on the way can also be an impressive high point of an alpine tour. Not forgetting of course the welcoming mountain huts you will find along the way.

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