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Always well informed. As soon as important traffic information arrives at the office of the Tourism Association Mayrhofen-Hippach, it will be immediately made available for you here: At the moment we have the following information about closures, restrictions or out-of-tour closures:

Road Locks:

  • Currently we are not aware of any locks.

Other Locks:

Rock clearance work - Grawandhütte area From 13 June 2022, the Grawandhütte will be accessible only at the following times:

  • Monday - Friday:

  • until 07.00 hrs

  • from 09.00 hrs to 09.30 hrs

  • from 12.00 hrs to 12.30 hrs

  • and from 19.00 hrs


This page is constantly being updated and expanded and we try to capture all information as well as possible. However, we ask for your understanding that all information is without guarantee and subject to change. 

Information without guarantee!

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