Rock climbing and Via Ferrata in Mayrhofen

Rock Climbing in Mayrhofen


Ready to get your adrenalin pumping? If so, head on over to the Knorren ClimbingArea where you find the two ViaFerratas "KnorrenNadel" and "Steinbock". You can rent ViaFerrataSets at theĀ FunSportStationĀ (subject to availability, for a fee), but be sure to bring along your own courage. Please note that climbing is always at your own risk!

ViaFerratas at the Knorren


For those who want to get a taste of the vertical world, there are two ViaFerratas at the Knorren ClimbingArea on Action Mountain Penken.Ā TheĀ KnorrenNadel ViaFerrataĀ is suitable for beginners and starts at the foot of the Knorren ClimbingArea. With its two rope bridges and viewing platform on top of the KnorrenNadel, you should be prepared for a touch of vertigo. In the lower third of the Knorren wall you find theĀ Steinbock ViaFerrata, which is designed for more advanced climbers. After a steep start you are rewarded with impressive views of the Zillertal Alps. The two via ferratas meet again halfway up the Knorren, where you have to choose which way you want to go to reach the top.

KnorrenNadel ViaFerrata: Difficulty level A/B, duration of about 90 minutes, suitable for beginners.
Steinbock ViaFerrata: Difficulty level B/C (medium), length of 180 metres, duration of about 45 minutes, 50 metres altitude difference, suitable for advanced climbers.
Please note that you must wear a helmet! ViaFerrata sets and helmets can be rented for a fee at the FunSportStation (subject to availability)
Use of the ViaFerrata and the gear is at your own risk!

Knorren ClimbingArea


You can reach the Knorren climbing area by taking the 3S Penkenbahn in Mayrhofen followed by the Kombibahn Penken. From theĀ Kombibahn Penken mountain station or theĀ Funsportstation, walk a short distance on theĀ PanoramaTrail PenkenĀ towards the Penkenjoch to the Knorren massif.Ā  The ClimbingArea is located alpine terrain. You will mostly be climbing on solid limestone similar to dolomite. We strongly recommend that you keep your helmet on at all times while in the area. Donā€™t hesitate to bring kids along too, however, as the family-friendly location includes routes that are especially suitable for children and well equipped with bolts.

Protection: ++++
Rock quality: +++ to ++++
Orientation: south to south east
Number of routes: 30
Length of routes: 10 to 30 meters
Route grades: 4 to 8+ (UIAA)
Altitude: 2,000 meters above sea level
Best time for climbing at Knorren: May to October

Topographie climbing on Mount Penken in Mayrhofen
Ā© Mayrhofner Bergbahnen

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