Show Dairy in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region

Erlebnissennerei Zillertal Dairy & Show Farm

You won't believe your eyes

How hay milk is transformed into cheese

Meet the animals at the Show Farm, watch the cheese-maker at work and then taste the finished products yourself – visitors can look forward to all that and more at the Erlebnissennerei Dairy in Mayrhofen. The Erlebnissennerei Dairy in Mayrhofen provides interesting details on cheese processing at the Show Farm and whilst enjoying "GENUSSlöffeln" (spoonfuls of pleasure).

Dairy with Show Farm - ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal

Erlebnissennerei Dairy

What is made from milk and how does it get into the carton,... ? Adults and children can experience the entrie hay milk production path at the Erlebnissennerei Zillertal Dairy. Children can see how cheese is made at the Show Dairy, where it matures and how it is looked after, how filling machines work and much more. The popular highlight in the Show Dairy: GENUSSlöffeln (the PLEASURE spoon). Young visitors especially enjoy the taste of hay milk and yoghurts! Each one tastes better than the next - and you will soon find your favourite!

Younger visitors enjoy playing at the grocery store on the sunny Dairy Kitchen terrace, where they can also try their hand at pretending to be a farmer with the milk cow!

Girl feeding a goat

Show Farm

Where does the hay milk come from that is processed at the Show Dairy? A film is screened in the Show Farm barn, which shows how milking functions and why hay milk is so valuable! But at the end of the day, discovering what the animals get up to in real life is even more interesting - and there is plenty of opportunity for doing just that. Cows, sheep, chickens and the goats in particular are inherently curious and will come and nuzzle visitors, hoping for some attention. Another film can be seen at the Bee Pavilion – over one million bees live at the Show Farm and love buzzing around the many flowers all around! Towards the end of the tour of the Show Farm there is yet another HIGHLIGHT for CHILDREN: they can jump around in the hay and whiz around on the mini tractors track! Quieter moments can be spent checking out the contents of the bookcase - with reading material for visitors of all ages.

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