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Photo stops on the mountains of Mayrhofen

In the white winter wonderland of Mayrhofen’s mountains there are places where you’ll want to stay forever. Impressive panoramas, views that are truly relaxing, and deeply moving spots to recharge your batteries. We’ve compiled a list of the best photo stops in the winter mountain world of the Mayrhofner Bergbahnen. Find out which one is your favorite.


  •  WinterHikingPath Filzenkogel: You can hike to a fantastic spot with views of the Zillertal valley.

  • WinterHikingPath Ahorn: Enjoy a fantastic view of the Zillertal valley at the Filzen reservoir.

Fotopoint Penken Mayrhofen


  •  “Ahornblick” Photo Point at the Möslbahn mountain station: Take a picture of yourself inside an exaggerated wooden frame with the Ahornspitze Peak in the background.

  • RacingParadise Unterberg: You can also pose here inside a huge wooden picture frame with a victory podium.

  • Harakiri: Take a picture of your steepest slope adventure before dropping in.

  • 6SB Schneekarlift mountain station on Horberg: From here, with a view of 30-3.000-meter peaks, you can see most of the Zillertal Alps.

  • Cabins of the 3S Penkenbahn: You can see all of Mayrhofen from the cabins of the 3S Penkenbahn.

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