View of the Zillergrund Reservoir

The Zillergrund

The Zillertal Valley originates in the Zillergrund, lying at the foot of the Zillertal Alps Nature Park.

The Zillergrund is the most easterly of the four "Inneren Gründe" with a length of approx. 20 km and extends from the Austro-Italian border to Mayrhofen. The rear part of the Zillergrund is called Zillergründl. The 3 km long reservoir of the same name is also located here.

The valley stretches from Mayrhofen in an easterly to south-easterly direction to the Reichenspitz group and the Zillertal Hauptkamm, where over the Heilig-Geist-Jöchl. Here there is a high alpine crossing into the Ahrntal valley. Three smaller side valleys branch off to the south with the Bodengrund, the Sundergrund and the Hundskehle. The Brandberger Kolm separates the Zillergrund from the Gerlostal in the north, the Ahornkamm with the Ahornspitze from the Stillupgrund.

Toll road open from May 17, 2024

Prices Car: € 10,00 Motorbike: € 5,00 Coach passengers per person: € 1,50 Bus from Bärenbadalm to the reservoir*: It is possible to take a bus from Bärenbadalm to the dam wall of the Zillergrund reservoir.  *This section of the bus journey is not covered by the Z-Card. 

TIMETABLE "Mayrhofen-Zillergrund" - valid from 15.07.2023
TIMETABLE "Mayrhofen-Zillergrund" - valid from 18.09. to 01.10.2023

Mountaineer‘s Bus

The “Bergsteigerbus – Mountaineer’s Bus“ is in operation in Zillergrund from 15.07. to 03.09.2023. The bus leaves Mayrhofen station at 07:50 hrs – and arrives at Zillergründl Reservoir at 08:47 hrs.

Zillergrund Environment Bonus

The Zillergrund Environment Bonus is being offered again in 2023. For every bus ticket costing at least € 2.00, you receive a voucher for € 1.50 (children's bonus € 0.75) This bonus voucher can be redeemed in individual guest houses against bills amounting to no less than € 6.00/pers.

Hiking destinations in Zillergrund

Klaushof 1.040 m | Bärenbadalm 1.450 m | Einkehr zum Adlerblick 1.900 m | Häusling 1.050 m | | Hohenaualm 1.863 m | Plauenerhütte 2.363 m

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