Theme path "Burgschrofen"

Burgschrofen Themed Trail

Actively immerse yourself in the history of the Burgschrofen

Burgschrofen – a distinctive hill on the valley floor in the Upper Zillertal, comparible to a volcanic island emerging from the ocean. Since time immemorial, the protected landscape of Burgschrofen (also known as Burgstallschrofen) has been swathed in legend, myth and history, as well as interesting botany and geology.

There are tales of the devil, plundering knights, a great treasure and people being forced into exile. It remains a mystery to this day as to who once lived on Burgschrofen Hill and which buildings were actually located here. At the heart of all the research, a recurring question crops up: did a castle once stand here? You will discover the diversity of this striking location and find answers to many questions on the themed circular trail in Schwendau in Zillertal. New themed circular trail from summer 2024 The Schwendau Trail was created in celebration of the 800th anniversary of the municipality of Schwendau in 2008, offering a tour of the sunny community. It was extended and renewed in 2020, from when visitors can immerse themselves in the history and special features of the village at 13 different stations. From summer 2024, the Schwendau Trail will probably be further enhanced - with the impressive history of the Burgschrofen.

Themed Circular Route Burgschrofen Plan

Six Stations The most striking features and events are illustrated and can be actively experienced at six stations along the new, short circular trail:

  • Geology

  • Legends

  • Archaeology

  • History

  • Medicinal plants

  • Chapel

1st Station: At the first station, you will learn interesting facts about the geology of the 150-million-year-old Burgschrofen. Here you can interactively discover the true height and depth of the hill. You will also learn interesting facts about the rock layers, such as the fact that Burgschrofen is composed of the same source rock as Tyrol's largest cave, the Spannagelhöhle.

Burgschrofen Station theme trail

2nd Station: A few steps further on, you can listen to the three most famous legends about Burgschrofen:

  • The Virgin Mary and the Devil

  • The end of the plundering knights of Hippach & Burgstall

  • The Burgschrofen

You can also see the traces of where the devil fell through a special telescope.

3rd Station: At the third station, you will find out which finds were discovered during archaeological test excavations at this location in August 2015 and what conclusions can be drawn about the question of whether a castle once stood here. You will be able to view three finds from the 16th/17th century directly here.

4th Station: Using historical maps, drawings and documents, the fourth station uses suporting evidence to try and uncover the myth of the castle.

"Der Burgschrofen" circular hiking trail

5th Station: The trail continues to the medicinal plants, which are found here in particular abundance. There is an herb for every ailment. With this in mind, a few plants have been picked out and their effects described. For example, you can find out what can be used to reduce fever or what helps children with sprained joints. 6th Station: The last station is dedicated to the "Zum Gekreuzigten Heiland" Calvary Chapel, the Way of the Cross and the outdoor nativity scene created by Sepp Wartelsteiner, which is open every year from 8th December to 2nd February and details the story behind the construction of the chapel.

The Burgschrofen - themed circular hike

Details on the circular route: Length: ca. 350 m Elevation gain: ca. 25 m Duration: 60 to 90 minutes

How much time you will need for the themed circular trail depends very much on you. There is so much to discover and explore. Some people spend more time looking for herbs, while others study old maps, finds and drawings. The first part of the trail is relatively steep and leads directly to the first station. From then on, you move through open terrain until the last station, at the chapel..

Want to find out more about the municipality of Schwendau? Then follow the rest of the Schwendau Trail. Directly adjacent to the Burgschrofen is Station 1 of the Schwendau Trail - the 3.7 km long River Art Trail along the Ziller River.
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