Ursprung Buam Festival 2023

from 14 - 16 July at the Waldfestplatz in Mayrhofen

The Urspung Buam Festival with various music groups awaits you!

The three musicians from the Zillertal shape the scene in their own way and that stands - indeed - for itself.

The brothers Martin and Andreas Brugger, together with their cousin Franzjosef Höllwarth, who replaced cousin Manfred Höllwarth, have been on stage for more than 25 years. There's nothing that could separate the three. What fits, fits and stays together. Why change things, if it's exactly the continuity that makes it.

Program Friday 14.07.2023 Lumpenmander; Halodris from the Zillertal; Südklang; Ursprung Buam; Innkreis Buam Admission: 05.00 p.m., Start: 07.00 p.m. Program Saturday 15.07.2023 Hollawax; Südklang; Zellberg Buam; Wüdschod'n; Ursprung Buam; Höllawind; Lindau Buam; Schneiderwirt Trio Admission: 02.00 p.m., Start: 04.00 p.m. Program Sunday 16.07.2023 Ebbser Kaiserklang; Südklang; Ursprung Buam; Die Ausholter Admission: 09.00 a.m., Start: 10.30 a.m.

FAQs about the Ursprung Buam Fest 2023

Is there catering available on site?
Is there a canopy in case of bad weather?
Is there seating or standing room at the site?

No seat reservation possible. The first come - first served principle applies. Subject to changes!

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