VISORIUM - Experiences on 2,000 m2 in Mayrhofen in the Zllertal valley


Extraordinary experiences on 2,000m² in the heart of Mayrhofen

Experience all kinds of puzzles, games and fun in a relaxed atmosphere.


Escape rooms, laser tag and adventure golf combined with delicious local dishes in the in-house "Schnogerei" Restaurant provide the opportunity to discover historical stories, legends, as well as the culture and landmarks of Zillertal from a whole new perspective.

The name Visorium epitomises our vision of seeing and exploring the surroundings from an entirely new perspective. Our focus is on "edutainment": in other words, by cleverly combining entertainment and various activities, we provide you with interesting facts about the Upper Zillertal Valley.

Fancy going on a voyage of discovery with us?

The concept is based on the principle of "edutainment", which conveys information in a playful way to facilitate the learning process.The various areas are designed to cover a range of themes and offer appropriate and adventurous activities for every age group:

  • Three custom-built escape rooms, exclusively available in Mayrhofen.

  • A large, blacked-out laser tag area, based on the story of the "Woldschnoggn - Forest Goblin"

  • An adventurous minigolf-course with 12 themed holes, each of which has a legendary story to tell.

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