Hot, sweet and delicious

„Siaße Krapflang“ are worth the indulgence

The Ziller Valley is renowned far and wide for its many delicious specialities. The “Krapflang” (sweet or savoury pasties) with their variety of fillings are especially popular. Do you like it hot, sweet and tasty? Then the sweet variety will deliver your taste buds the perfect treat.

© Dominic Ebenbichler

We believe that homemade tastes best! So here is the recipe for “siaße Krapflang”. What are you waiting for? Grab your apron and whip up a little taste of the Ziller Valley in your kitchen.

Ingredients for the pastry: 250g Butter or margarine 1 kg plain flour 2 eggs approx. 300 ml warm milk 1 packet of vanilla sugar (30g) A pinch of salt A splash of rum   Ingredients for the filling: Cranberry or plum jam mixed together with some breadcrumbs makes a delicious filling as does a mixture of plum jam and quark.

Method: At room temperature, mix together all of the pastry ingredients until they come together in a smooth dough and leave to rest. Form the pastry into a long roll and cut it into small pieces. Roll the pieces out until they are about the size of your palm. Fill them with your chosen filling, fold them over and press the edges together to form little parcels. Fry them in hot fat until they are golden brown and crispy. Let them drain and cool before dusting them with icing sugar to serve.

© Norbert Freundenthaler

We hope you enjoy your delicious “Siaße Krapflang”!

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