the world's most spectacular via ferrata climbing route

131 metres high, 1,260 anchor points for steps, handles and safety ropes have been bored and it is 200 metres long – the new via ferrata route in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region. The unique aspect of this particular via ferrata is that it is not built on a rock face, but along the Schlegeis dam wall.

This is the first via ferrate to be built on a dam wall worldwide. With a difficulty rating of A/B (with a C variant) #SCHLEGEIS131 is suitable for everyone with a good head for heights.

Getting here: The via ferrata is accessible via the Schlegeis Alpine Road, which is open from mid-May to Mid-October, depending on the weather.

Parking can be found at the crest of the dam, from where a footpath leads to the via ferrata entrance point.


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