Peter Habeler Route

Tyrolean long distance hiking trail in Zillertal

Die Peter Habeler Route ist eine ca. 60 km langer Rundwanderung die über sechs Hütten in den Zillertaler Alpen führt - Wander Urlaub in Mayrhofen Hippach, Tirol.
© Archiv TVB-Mayrhofen

Hiking in magnificent alpine landscapes

For Peter Habeler, the high trail from Friesenberghaus to the Geraer Hut is one of the most beautiful crossings in the eastern Alps . It is with very good reason that a large part of this area has been under protection since 1991, going uner the title of the Zillertal Alps Nature Park

Experience the magnificent alpine scenery on the Main Alpine Ridge, encounter marmots and alpine ibex - which in itself is an impressive highlight. Not forgetting, of course, the inviting mountain huts.
Walk in the footsteps of Peter Habeler and allow yourself to be inspired by the magic of the impressive Zillertal Alps.

Whether clockwise or anticlockwise, the aim is to circumnavigate the peaks of the Western Ziller Valley Alps.

Die Hütten für den Wanderurlaub entlang der Peter-Habeler-Runde im Zillertal kann man bequem von zu Hause aus online buchen.
© Anne Gabl

Peter Habeler

Mountain Professor Peter Habeler's life has been closely intertwined with the mountains of Zillertal since childhood. He has conquered five eight thousand metre peaks and, together with Reinhold Messner, was the first to climb Mount Everest without an artificial oxygen supply.

This famous mountaineer, however, considers the most beautiful peaks to be those in his homeland in the Zillertal. In celebration of his 70th birthday, the new Peter Habeler Route was created in his name and is an added attraction to the summer mountain world in Mayrhofen from this summer onwards.

Die Ferienregion Mayrhofen-Hippach bietet zahlreiche Möglichkeiten zum Wander & Bergsteigen im Hochsgebirgs-Naturpark Zillertaler Alpen - Sommer Urlaub in Österreich.
© Paul Sürth

The Idea

The original idea for this high alpine trail originated from an EU funded project; INTERREG IV–Pfitscherjoch, "Unlocking the potential of cross-border tourism with local resources". Contributers to this project are Sterzing Tourist Board, Wipptal Tourist Board as the Mayrhofen-Hippach Tourism Assoc.

"In addition to the Berlin High Trail, the Peter Habeler Route is a long distance hiking trail that traverses the the western part of the Zillertal Alps, offering magnificent views of the neighbouring Wipptal Valley and South Tyrol", syas Prof. Peter Habeler.

Die Peter-Habeler-Runde ist ein 60 km langer Rundwanderweg der über sechs Hütten mit Distanzen von 3,5 bis 13 Kilometern mit und ohne Gipfelbesteigungen führt.
© Anne Gabl

The Round Walk

This 60 kilometre long, hut to hut round walk leads via six mountain huts with individual distances ranging from 3.5 to 13 kilometres with or without summit ascents. The individual routes are divided into walking times of between 2.5 and 8 hours, with varying levels of difficulty over diverse terrain including easy sections, alpine meadows and gravel trails as well as over rock, moraines and scree.

Route length:
56.1 km
Ascent: 4,230 m / Minimal altitude: 1,345 m
Descent: 4,230 m / Maximum altitude: 2,910 m

Route Description

Geraer Hut 2.324 m - Tuxerjochhaus 2.316 m

Gearer Hut is the destination of this loop trail, named after extreme mountaineer, Peter Habeler, who was born in Mayrhofen.
© Geraer Hut

You start in a northerly direction on path no. 527 to the Steinernen Lamm. A newly prepared section of path leads over old glacier moraines through the start of the Höllwand and further to the Kleegrubenscharte. Pass the Kasererscharte and the Frauenwand before beginning the descent over the Almböden to the Tuxerjochhaus. (Walking time 4.5 - 5 hours)

▲ Peter-Habeler-Route map view

Tuxerjochhaus 2.316 m - Friesenberghaus 2.477 m

The Peter-Habeler Route takes you past the Tuxerjochhaus
© Tuxerjochhaus

You will make a short descent via path no. 326 a little below the Lärmstange before the path continues in a southeasterly direction to the Spannagelhaus 2,531m. Cross moraines and scree fields to reach the highest point of the trail - the Friesenbergscharte at 2,911m. Descend the serpentine path to the Friesenberghaus. (Walking time 4.5 - 5 hours).

▲ Peter-Habeler-Route map view

Friesenberghaus 2.477 m - Olpererhütte 2.389 m

© Friesenberghaus

From the Friesenberghaus descend briefly past the small Friesenberg lake and then follow the serpentine path steeply upwards. Follow a short section of the Berliner High Alpine Path (Nr.526) as you gently descend to the Olpererhütte. (Walking time 2.5 hours)

▲ Peter-Habeler-Route map view

Olpererhütte 2.389 m - Pfitscherjochhaus 2.275 m

© Katharina Daum

Follow path no. 502 along a section of the Neumarkter trail to the Unterschrammachkar at 2,280m. Following a short ascent beneath the Ameiskopf (2,400m) walk the steep trail (no. 528) past glacier-smoothed terrain and the Kastenschneid and below the Stamplkees to arrive at the Pfitscherjochhaus. (Walking time 3.5 hours)

▲ Peter-Habeler-Route map view

Pfitscherjochhaus 2.275 m – Landsh. Europa-Hütte 2.693 m

© Pfisterschjochhaus

From the Pfitscherjochhaus pass a small lake and walk along the Landshuter Höhenweg (path no.3 / no.528) through a scraggy stony landscape in a westerly direction. This path was created at the beginning of the 20th century and leads to the Friedrichshöhe and the Landshuter Europa-Hütte. (Walking time 3 hours)

▲ Peter-Habeler-Route map view

Landshuter Europa-Hütte 2.693 m - Geraerhütte 2.324 m

© Landshuter Europa-Hütte

Follow the Geistbeck path (no.529) to the Sumpfschartl 2,666 m and continue over the long face in a northerly direction to the inneren Zeischalm and the Nockeralm car park at the end of the Valser valley. The ascent begins at the Gasthaus Touristenrast and follows path no. 502 through the alms of the far Valser Valley for 2.5km to the base station of the goods cable car. The flat path then snakes its way through a beautiful pine forest to the Ochsenhütte. From there the route continues east over high alpine meadows to the Geraerhütte at 2,324m. (Walking time 7 hours)

▲ Peter-Habeler-Route map view

Access points...

...via Ginzling and Hintertux

  • From Ginzling - Friesenberghaus
    From the Naturparkhaus at approx. 1,000m above sea level walk in the direction of the parish church and then follow the Adlerweg (Eagle’s path) in the direction of Rauth. At Reith take the turning to the right in the direction of the Pitzenalm. Continue past the Paschbergalm to the Pitzenalm at 1,871 m (Walking Time 2.5 hours). Follow the Berliner Höhenweg (no.536) south to the Friesenberghaus 2,477 m. (Walking time 3 hours)
  • From Breitlahner - Friesenberghaus
    Park for free at the Naturparkhaus in Ginzling and then take the public bus to Breitlahner. The walk starts from directly behind the toll booth at a height of 1,256m. Take path no. 530 to the Berliner Höhenweg and then path 536 to the Friesenberghaus 2,477m. (Walking time 3 ½ - 4 hours)
  • From Schlegeis - Friesenberghaus
    Start from the Dominikushütte at 1,805m and follow path no. 532 through a pine forest and past the Friesenberg Alm to reach the Friesenberghaus at 2,477m. (Walking time 3 hours)
  • From Schlegeis - Olpererhütte
    Start from the 2nd car park (after the Schlegeis restaurant) and follow path no. 502 as it winds through the forest and over meadows to the Olpererhütte at 2,389m. (Walking time 2 hours)
  • From Hintertux - Tuxerjochhaus or Hintertux - Friesenberghaus
    Take the cable car to the Sommerberg and follow path no. 324 to the Tuxerjochhaus (walking time 1 hour). Alternatively, go left towards the Spannagelhaus on path no. 326 and then take path no. 326 over the Friesenbergscharte to the Friesenberghaus. (Walking time 4 ½ hours)

Access point...

...via Wipptal Valley

  • Access from Vals
    (Car Park Nockeralmen) Follow path no. 502 from Gasthaus Touristenrast to the Geraer Hut. (Walking Time 2 ½ to 3 hours). Alternatively go anti-clockwise on the Geistbeck Path no. 529 to the Sumpfschartl at 2,666m and the Landshuter Europa Hut. (Walking time 4 – 4 ½ hours)
  • Access from Schmirn-Toldern
    (Car Park Wildlahnertal) Follow path no. 525 aver the Steinerne Lamm to the Geraer Hut. (Walking time 3 ½- 4 hours)

Access point...

...via Pfitschtal Valley

  • Access from St. Jakob (Innerpfitsch) 1.446 m - Landshuter Europa-Hütte 2.693 m
    At the easterly side of the village of St. Jakob follow path no. 3B which leads left from the Nagler river. To begin with it follows a tractor path which then turns into a narrow forest path crossing meadows to the Beilsteinalm. From here the path continues on grass-covered stones to the Landshuter Höhenweg (Tyrolean Alpine Path). From here continue on path no. 3 in a westerly direction to the Landshuter Europa Hut. (Walking time 3 ½ - 4 hours)
  • Access from Stein - Pfitscherjochhaus - Landshuter Europa-Hütte
    From Sterzing/ Vipetano take the road into the Pfitsch Valley. Continue along the untarmaced Pfitscher-Joch road for 4 km till the car park at the 4th bend in the road at 1,806m altitude (cars are not permitted any further). At the same bend take path no. 4 to the Pfitscherjoch and the hut of the same name at 2,275m (walking Time 1 – 1 ½ hours), Turn right off path no. 4 onto path no. 4A. At 2,340m altitude you reach the Landshuter Höhenweg (path no. 3). Continue in a westerly direction to the Landshuter Europa Hut. (Walking time 21/2 – 3 hours)

Access point...

...via the Brenner Pass


at the various access points


4th bend on the Pfitscher-Joch-Road, St. Jakob Fire Brigade Station, Sportzone Grube


Toldern Wildlahnertal, Alpengasthaus Kasern, Vals Nockeralmen (near Touristenrast), Lake Brennersee


Gasthaus Breitlahner, Nature Park House Ginzling, Hintertux Glacier Lifts