Easy Trail Mayrhofen-Hippach

Pleasure walking in Zillertal

The Easy Trail links up with what nature has already brought together.

All villages belonging to the holiday region can be explored along this valley walk: Schwendau, Hippach, Ramsau and Mayrhofen all merge into one.

Far away from hectic everyday life, the trail is a source of spiritual energy and offers many opportunities for relaxation. The valley bed has many beautiful viewpoints. Individual ”treasures” make this trail an unforgettable experience. Enjoy cascading waterfalls, visit one of the beautiful chapels or churches situated along the way and discover your very own place of positive energy and regeneration.

With a total length of 24 km and a maximum elevation difference of only 100 metres, the Easy Trail is the ideal introductory hike for those wanting to enjoy a gentle start to their active mountain holiday.

Flyer Easy Trail


  • “Walkable” all year round
  • Perfect for easy, enjoyable (mountain) walks
  • Follows quality trails with no dangers involved
  • Easy to walk in any weather
  • Relatively few metres in altitude to surmount
  • Located in the valley at a relatively low altitude
  • Offers mountain adventures, however, with views overlooking the Zillertal Main Ridge
  • Is recreational and scenically attractive
  • Is well sign-posted and easy to navigate
  • Equipped with a number of interesting leisure areas

The Easy Trail can be accessed direct from Mayrhofen and all neighbouring villages. Info boards and signage show you where to go. The Easy Trail is also marked by signposts along its entire length, so you can easily find your way around.

Wayside treasures & scenic points along the Easy Trail

Wayside treasures

Resting areas alongside the Easytrail in Mayrhofen in Zillertal
© TVB Mayrhofen

Relax along the Easytrail

You have probably already discovered one or the other resting area alongside the Easy Trail. Our construction team handcrafted these wonderful places to relax with love.

Brindlang Water Playground Mayhrofen, Zillertal
© Andreas Lackner

Brindlang Water Playground

The power of water is the focal point of many natural treasures. At Brindlang in the Scheulingwald Forest children can experiment with water to their heart’s content.

Forest Festival Area Mayrhofen - Zillertal
© Laurin Moser

Forest Festival Area

Local associations use this venue for events and it is the home of many cultural highlights. But it also invites you to linger and draw strength from its natural energy.

Spiritual Burgschrofen
© Cicero Design & Druck

Spiritual Burgschrofen

The little Burgschrofen Chapel dates back to 1844/45 and was constructed a visible sign to the Catholic faith because of the events surrounding the expulsion of the Zillertal Protestants from the valley. The chapel itself and adjacent gardens provide space for visitors to contemplate and simply savour the surroundings.

ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal Dairy with Show Farm
© ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal

ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal

Understand the origin of our food at our SchauBauernhof exhibition farm. See how hay milk is processed and refined into cheese, butter, yoghurt, etc. in our SchauSennerei exhibition dairy and sample to your heart’s content tasty spoonfuls of our hay milk & a wide range of yoghurts.

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© Tourismusverband Zell-Gerlos

Talbach, Laimach & Keilkeller Waterfall

Three impressive waterfalls are accessible via the Easy Trail. The perfect place to ponder and listen to the soothing sound of water. There are places for visitors to relax at all waterfalls. Pure impressive nature.

© Bernd Ritschel

Via Ferrate

Higher challenges are presented by the many via Ferrate routes along the Easy Trail: the Zimmereben, Huterlaner and Pfeilspitzwand via Ferrate as well as the children’s routes. Walkers who spontaneously decide to attempt these via Ferrate can hire climbing sets at the base of these climbing routes.

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