Winter in Zillergrund

The Natural Gem in Zillertal

Winterzauber Zillergrund - Entschleunigen im Seitental Zillergrund bei Mayrhofen.
© Elisabeth Kröll

The Zillergrund tributary valley in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region in Zillertal is a true natural gem.

Take a relaxing stroll through the snow-covered, pristine natural landscapes whilst admiring the ice chapel, artful snow crystals as well as a super-size ice cube.

Kinderwelt (Children's World) in Zillergrund offers families with children loads of fun in the snow with a mini igloo, snow cave and snowy hills to slide and sled down.

NEW in winter 2017/2018: cross-country ski trail in Zillergrund

What's on offer...

Opening Times, Taxi Service & more

Why not take a day off skiing and explore Winter Magic in Zillergrund with your family or friends? You won't regret it! 

Winter Magic in Zillergrund is open daily during the day

Taxi to Winter Magic Zillergrund
Taxi Kröll T: +43 5285 62260

  • from Europahaus Mayrhofen to Gasthof Klaushof at 10.00, 10.30, 11.00 hrs
  • from Gasthof Klaushof to Europahaus Mayrhofen at 15.00, 15.30, 16.00 hrs
  • One-way price: 
    1-4 persons: € 20,00 per taxi
    from 5 persons: € 5,00 per person

How to get to Zillergrund:

  • On foot from Mayrhofen, along the Oberkumbichl winter hiking trail to Gasthof Klaushof and on to Häusling Alm
  • By car through the Brandberg Tunnel. “Maurach” car park is on the right after the end of the tunnel, from where you can easily walk into Zillergrund.

Full moon walks under star-filled skies

It is an incredible atmosphere, tranquil setting and fantastic sight - the full moon and star-filled skies over the mountains. The stars seem almost close enough to touch; the dark natural landscape is bathed in mysterious moonlight. The silhouettes of the mountain peaks and forests are discernible in the dusky glow and thousands of stars sparkle like a sea of diamonds in the heavens.
Don't miss out on the chance of seeing this spectacle for yourself and join the evening walk in the dark to Winter Magic in Zillergrund – with no artificial lighting whatsoever. The countenance of the heavens will make your heart skip a beat - an unforgettable experience!

Walk by torchlight

Spend a romantic evening in the tributary valley of Zillergrund and hike with a burning torch from Gasthof Klaushof to the Snow Chapel - an empowering and spiritual experience.  

  • Every Wednesday, the torches are handed out at Gasthof Klaushof between 16.00 & 18.00 hrs, free of charge.

Full moon in winter 2017/18

  • Tuesday, 02.01.2018
  • Wednesday, 31.01.2018
  • Friday, 02.03.2018

Star-filled evening (new moon) in winter 2017/18

  • Wednesday, 17.01.2018
  • Thursday, 15.02.2018


Häusling Alm - THE place to go in Zillergrund
A picture-book winter – white tree tops, giant banks of snow and glittering alpine panorama – here, you experience a winter wonderland just outside the front door.

Groomed winter walkways, frozen waterfalls and even ice climbing - adventurous guests can look forward to a wide selection of activities in Zillergrund - in winter too.

The Häusling Alm motto is „Great food and well-being in traditional Zillertal style“. Hilda Rahm is responsible for the excellent cuisine, traditional meals and "Tyrolean lamb" specialties.

The meat for our dishes comes from their own farm and the regional specialties are seasoned with tasty spices.

Häusling Alm is open all winter!

Group registrations under T: +43 5289 212

Paths in Zillergrund

  • On foot from Mayrhofen, take the Oberkumbichl winter trail to Gasthof Klaushof and Häusling Alm. (Walk takes: ca. 2.5 h)
  • By car “Maurach” car park is on the right after the end of Brandberg Tunnel, from where you can easily walk into Zillergrund. (Walk takes: ca. 1.5 h)

Maria Schnee - Our Lady of the Snows Chapel in Häusling

In Zillergrund, on the trail from Gasthof Klaushof into the valley, the steeple of Maria Schnee - Our Lady of the Snows Chapel in Häusling can be seen from afar, next to the Almgasthaus Häusling.

“Maria Schnee” Chapel was built in Häusling in 1848. After the original chapel suffered heavy damages during a flood in 1878, the chapel was rebuilt in its present form together with a new junior school in 1909, thanks to intercession by Cardinal Katschthaler, who came from Zillertal. The chapel was carefully restored by the builders of Häusling Power Station in 1986.

The interior of this chapel surprises visitors with its beautiful simple design. Natural light that shines into the sanctuary from a side window bathes the altar in a special glow, in which Our Blessed Lady occupies a very central position with the Infant Jesus. A picture of St. Francis with Christ Child also has a place of honour at the chapel entrance. As a whole, the chapel has a very harmonious appearance and thus far surpasses the any expectations one may have of a mountain village chapel, despite its unusual size.


of the Snow Wonder

The Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of Christ, is said to have appeared to the Roman merchant John and his wife during the night of August 5th, 358, and promised to fulfil their desire for a son if they built a chapel in the place where snow was lying the next morning. The couple then went to Pope Liberius, who had the same dream. On the morning of the 5th of August, the highest elevation of the Esquiline Hill in Rome was covered in a smattering of snow. Today it is home to the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, one of Rome’s four Papal Basilicas. The patrocinium of the church is therefore on 5th August, St Mary of Nives (Maria Schnee- Our Lady of the Snows) - which takes us right back to Zillergrund, where the “Maria Schnee” Chapel was built in Häusling in 1848.