Penken Park

Funpark at Penken

Whether you're a beginner or a pro, you will find just the right obstacles in our snow park on Action Mountain Penken. The park’s very own 4-person SunJet chairlift ensures that snowboarders and freeskiers can get in as many runs as possible in the eight different areas. Particularly beginners and younger freestyle acrobats get their money's worth here because the Kids Park - also equipped with its own lift -  offers perfect conditions to hone all of their tricks. Highlights include the huge Rainbow Box, the imposing Wallride at the foot of the park, and the massive "Beastbox" multi-jib.

With its extensive facilities, Penken Park is not only popular with the local freestylers, but a popular meeting place for the international freestyle scene. 

Tip: Take part in our professional photo shoots every Tuesday and Saturday from 1:00 to 3:00 pm - the photos can be downloaded for free here. .


Penken Park

the 8 Areas are divided into the following sub-sections

  • Advanced Pro Area
  • Advanced Area
  • Advanced Jib Area
  • Medium Area
  • Medium Jib Area
  • Fun Area
  • Beginner Area
  • Penken Fun Ride


  • 11 Kickers
  • 2 Hips and
  • 34 Boxes & Rails

in total.

Penken Fun Ride


The new 700 metre long Penken Fun Ride offers skiers and snowboarders diversity and fun at Penken Park. 

Action-packed runs for all freestylers, racers or downhill demons are guaranteed at Action Mount Penken. Steep curves, wave runs, jumps and S-bends are ready and waiting to be conquered by you.