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Huts & Alpine Lodges in Zillertal

Gemütliche Wanderung mit anschließender Einkehr im Stilluptal.
© Bernd Ritschel

original & quaint

No mountain tour is complete without stopping off for some welcome refreshments at an inviting mountain hut or alpine lodge. Delicious cold meat and chese platters with local bacon and oven fresh farmer`s bread are simply delicious after a strenuous hike in the mountains.

Rest your weary legs on old wooden benches whilst drinking in stunning views of the majestic three thousand metre peaks.

Look through the online version of the Hut Guide 2017 and check out the numerous mountain huts and lodges at the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday resort.

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Huts & Alpine Lodges around Mayrhofen-Hippach