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Paradisical Pleasures

Winston Churchill once said: Nourish your body well, make it a home where your soul will swell."

Zillertaler Krapfen, (traditional savoury crepes), Schliachta-Nudeln (ribbon pasta in cheese sauce) or traditional Melchermuas (dairymen's pancake) are certain to make your mouth water!
These delicacies are an integral part of Zillertal tradition and are served in summertime at the  Schmankerlfest (Food Festival) in Hippach and the Krapfen Festival in Schwendau.

Циллертальские крапфены - особое лакомство тирольской кухни.
© Норберт Фройденталер

The region's best

Great food is yet another pleasing aspect of typical Zillertal hospitality. Regional Zillertal Cuisine has long been awarded with the well-deserved rating of "very recommendable" by food-loving connoisseurs.

Bei den zahlreichen Festen in der Ferienregion Mayrhofen Hippach können neben Zillertaler Schmankerln auch Tiroler Obstbrände verkostet werden.
© Норберт Фройденталер

Frindships are often forged over a shot (or two) of schnapps

The crowning glory of any meal is a shot of the finest schnapps. Only the best - mostly hand-picked - fruits are used for the distillate.

Tip: the Tyrolean Schnapps Route - is a journey of discovery through the diverse world of Tyrolean fruit schnapps.



Many restaurants in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region offer regional, national and international specilaities - holidays for foodies in Tyrol
© Laurin Moser

Pamper your taste-buds in one of the excellent restaurants. Savour regional, national and international delicacies. The choice of restaurans in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region leaves nothing to be desired.

Restaurants in Mayrhofen-Hippach

Schmankerl Week & Food Festival

Tyrolean specilaities such as Zillertaler Krapfen (savoury crepes), Melchermuas (dairymen's pancake),... can be sampled at one of the many festivals in the Mayrhofen-Hippach region.
© Norbert Freudenthaler

FOOD FESTIVAL - traditional food is served and celebrated in many restaurants during the annual Schmankerlfest (Food Festival) in Hippach, Zillertal. You are what you eat - Zillertal tradition.

KRAPFENFEST - nestled in the midst of orchards and farms. Schwendau presents a very special summer festival. The Krapfen-Fest celebrates Zillertal delicacies in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region.

Schnapps Route

General Info

Embark on a culinary journey along the Tyrolean Schnapps Route in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region
© Tirol Werbung

Embark on a culinary journey through the diverse world of Tyrolean fruit schnapps making along the Tyrolean Schnapps Route. Learn all about the art of creating and the long tradition that lies behind these fine spirits.

Ever since the reign of Empress Maria Theresia, 2,500 Tyrolean schnapps distilleries have been in posession of distilling rights. Knowledge about producing fine spirits has been passed down and refined over generations. International awards attest to the quality delivered by Tyrolean schnapps makers.

Since 2014, you have been able to take a trip down the Tyrolean Schnapps Route and learn about the art of schnapps-making from the master distillers themselves. During these tours you will find out about the special clarity, fruitiness and purity of these local spirits. For a small fee, you can also sample these inimitable and high quality products.

This opportunity is offered by four traditional distilleries in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region.



Hans Dengg

© Agrarmarketing Tirol

Contact & Enquiries:
Hannes Dengg - Innerummerland
Schwendberg 272, 6283 Hippach
Tel.: +43 5282 50949 /

Detailed information

Familie Fankhauser

© Agrarmarketing Tirol

Contact & Enquiries:
Kathrin & Martin Fankhauser - Stiegenhaushof
Dorf 130, 6283 Hippach
Tel.: +43 664 1983150 /

Detailed information

Markus Spitaler

© Agrarmarketing Tirol

Contact & Enquiries:
Markus Spitaler - Außerummerland
Schwendberg 268, 6283 Hippach
Tel.: +43 5282 4178

Detailed information

Hannes Sporer

© Agrarmarketing Tirol

Contact & Enquiries:
Hannes Sporer - Klammsteinhof
Kleinschwendberg 272, 6283 Hippach
Tel.: +43 5285 62915 /

Detailed information


Name Address Telephone Number
Erlebnisbrennerei Feldishütte Bichl 109, A-6283 Ramsau Tel.: +43 664 3446106
Schnapsbrennerei Trummlerhof Schweinberg 40, A-6290 Mayrhofen Tel.: +43 664 4936002
Schnapsbrennerei Kreidl Göttstätt 355, A-6283 Hippach Tel.: +43 664 3876006
Schaubrennerei Stiegenhaushof Schwendau Dorf 130, A-6283 Schwendau Tel.: +43 664 1983150
Schnapsbrennerei Klammsteinhof Kleinschwendberg 272, A-6283 Schwendau Tel.: +43 5285 62915
Schnapsbrennerei Innerummerland Schwendberg 272, A-6283 Hippach Tel.: +43 5282 50949
Schnapsbrennerei Stiefelscherm Dornaustraße 615, A-6290 Mayrhofen Tel.: +43 699 19049897
Schnapsbrennerei Ausserummerland Schwendberg 269, A-6283 Hippach Tel.: +43 664 4756244
Schnapsbrennerei Zeile - Zillertaler Edelbrände Schwendau Dorf 179, A-6283 Schwendau Tel.: +43 664 1755789

Taste of Place Routes in Tyrol

Tyrolean Taste of

General Info

Tyrolean Taste of Place Tours: discover fine, hearty Tyrolean cuisine and Zillertal specialities
© David Hanser

Take a Tyrolean Taste of Place Tour through the heart of the Alps and discover exquisite and hearty Tyrolean specialities.

Experience where Tirol’s quality agricultural products begin by visiting the farms and food producers on 22 specially designated Taste of Place Tours—on foot or by bicycle.

Discover the fine art of "Zillertal Hay Milk Cheese Making" in the Mayrhofen-Hippach holiday region. Walk through the mountain meadows of the Zillertal Valley and find out where the main raw material for milk and cheese production thrives. Of course, a visit to the ErlebnisSennerei Mayrhofen Dairy for cheese tasting is an absolute must after this walk



"Zillertal Hay Milk Cheese Route"

Taste of Place captures many of the things that define Tirol’s character: farming communities, strong rural traditions, and the belief that it does matter where your food comes from...
© ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal

  • Natural cultivation of the alpine pastures in Zillertal means hard work and low yields for the hay farmers. The resultant milk, however, is the basis for top class milk and cheese products of international repute. Because the cows and goats graze predominantly on grasses, mountain herbs and pure spring water, the resultant products are both silo and GMO free.
  • The rich flora of the mountain meadows on calcareous bedrock near Mayrhofen in particular , form the perfect foundation for high quality milk products. Farmeres still scythe the steep pastures by hand, thus maintaining these ancient cultural landscapes.
  • After the tour of the diary a cheese tasting session rounds of this culinary tour. Detailed information

    Contact & Enquiries:
    ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal · Tel +43 5285 62713 · Fax +43 5285 63712 ·

Route description

© ErlebnisSennerei Zillertal

Park at the ErlebnisSennerei Dairy for the Taste of Place Tour. You can get to Gasthof Thanner by bus, where the Bergmähderweg (Mountain Meadow Walk) to Steinerkogel Guest House will take you around 2 hours.

On your way back to Brandberg you should definitely visit the listed Mitterstall Barn. The bus will then take you back to the Erlebnis Sennerei Dairy. (Bus schedule

  • Starting point: Brandberg village centre, 1,082 m
  • Walk ends: Brandberg village centre, 1,082 m
  • Elevation uphill: 500 m
  • Elevation downhill: 500 m
  • Highest point: 1,269 m
  • Level of difficulty: medium/difficult (red)
  • Trail surface: Path, forest trail
  • Route length: 5.0 km Walking time: 2 h 30 min

Further Taste of Place destinations

Customs in Tyrol


"Anklöpfler" (carol singers), "Perchten" (bringers of New Year greetings in masquerade), "Grasausläuter" (boys that walk from farm to farm ringing cow bells in order to speed up crop growth: as diverse and weirdly wonderful these customs may be, they have one thing in common: they serve to uphold Zillertal tradition.

"The Easter Fire Tradition in Zillertal" - find out more in the Mayrhofen-Magazine (german).

Is wished for the New Year by "Perchten", "Anklöpfer" announce the coming of Advent and the "Grasausläuter" hear the grass grow,...
Tradition is cherished and relished throughout the whole year in the region.

Zillertal Tradition


Grasausläuten is one of the spring customs in the Mayrhofen Hippach holiday region in Zillertal, Tyrol.
© Gabi Huber

With today's winter tourism it is hard to imagine that many spring customs are intended to drive winter away. One such custom, known as "Grasausläuten", still survives to this day.

Groups of men and boys go from farm to farm, crossing the meadows and fields ringing cow bells in order to speed up crop growth.


© BMK Mayrhofen

Religious processions take place in late spring and early summer. The local priest walks with the Blessed Sacrement through the blossoming nature, praying for protection against lightning and storms.

He is joined on this procession by the villagers, brass band and the "Schützen Company" (Home Guard).

Almabtrieb - Cattle Drive

© Norbert Freudenthaler

The "Almabtrieb" takes place at the end of September/beginning of October. Cows adorned with magnificent headdresses and beautiful bells are driven down from the Alpine pastures.

The safe home coming of the farmers and their cattle is celebrated in the villages with great festivities.

Anklöpfen - Advent Carol Singers

© Norbert Freudenthaler

The nativity story is an important part of local custom during the advent period. For this reason, carol singers of all ages go from door to door dressed as shepherds to sing seasonal songs and read poems every Thursday evening during Advent.

This tradition is known as "Anklöpfeln"and anyone can take part. The Men"s Choir and members of the local brass band also perform in various locations in and around the town (church, Hotel Edenlehen, the village well at Hollenzen and the cemetary).


© Gabi Huber

On the day before Epiphany a very strange custom takes place. Peculiar to upper Zillertal, local children and adults hide their faces behind a mask before going from house to house to wish the inhabitants a happy New Year in a high vocal tone. Years ago, these "Perchten" were given food in exchange for their good wishes.

This tradition is still practised today. Children go during the day and are given treats and/or money. The adults go in the evening and are given a glass of schnapps.