Schnapsbrennerei Stiefelscherm

место: Майрхофен

"New, modern apartments in the center of Mayrhofen, with a private in-house distillery...", this must become a perfect holiday! We are pleased to invite all our guests in our distillery, named "Stiefelscherm". There we are pleased to introduce, interested guests, in the art of traditional Zillertal Schnaps destillation. Schnaps tasting and visitation: "As speech is silver, and tasting is golden", some first class spirits and liqueur products are ready to be tasted. You will experience and understand, that "Schnpas, can be way different from Schnaps". On enquiry we even can heat the oven and to a "Live tastin", where you enjoy the most fresh spirits you have ever had (recommended "british weather" activity ...).


Martin, Landhaus
Rieser Martin
Dornauerstraße 615
6290 Mayrhofen
F: +43 5285 64021
T: +43 699 19049897