Schnitzer Thomas Rauch

место: Швендау

Carvings for all eternity

Deer antlers turn into beautiful little pieces of art. In the past, lumberjacks earned extra money after a hard day's work in the forest by carving edelweiss flowers. For Rauch, this delicatecraft is a hobby, too - but one with very special meaning: for him, carving represents a wonderful combination of tradition and a love of nature. In order to carve a copy of an edelweiss flower - a rare composite flower in the Alps these days - the carver only uses the white, inner part of the deer antlers. The "burr" - the lower part of the antlers - is used to produce belt buckles, glass decorations and key chains.


Rauch Thomas
Schormis 105
6283 Schwendau
T: (0043) 664 533 9003