View of the mountains in the Zillertal Alps Nature Park
Zillertal Alps Naturepark
... and an impressive mountain backdrop

Zillertal Alps Nature Park

Walking & Mountain Climbing in the Nature Park

Spend your summer holiday at the foot of the Nature Park of the Zillertal Alps. Public roads, helicopter flights or cable cars for tourism purposes are strictly forbidden in the High Alpine Nature Park of the Zillertal Alps, Tirol, Austria. These high alpine landscapes, known as the Zillertal Main Ridge, have been under protection since 1991 and were awarded with the title, "Nature Park" in 2001 - an internationally recognized conservation category. Steep rock faces, glaciers & peaks. The Nature Park covers an area of 422 km² and extends over altitudes ranging from ca. 1,000m to 3,510 metres above sea level. Those wanting to hike the entire region will need seven whole days to cover the distance. Eight mountain huts, numerous three thousand metre peaks with steep rocky faces and unique vegetation characterize these beautiful high alpine mountain landscapes. They are also home to rare animal species, which have lived in harmony with hikers, climbers and nature lovers for more than 150 years.

Nature Park House & Exhibition "Hidden Treasures

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The rebuilt Nature Park House now shines in new splendour! The highlight is the new exhibition "Hidden Treasures". In addition, an attractive nature garden, a play and bouldering area, an inviting terrace and much more await you! The exhibition will cover two floors and more than 500 m² and will be dedicated to the topics of earth history, geology, crystals and minerals. The focus will be on the unique collection of Walter Ungerank and other mineral collectors. Attractions around the house

  • "Nasenwand" via ferrate, numerous climbing and bouldering areas

  • Geocache "Ginzling, it all began with mountaineering" Go treasure hunting with a GPS device and an inquisitive mind

  • "The Dornauberg Giants" themed trail

Berliner Hütte  in the Zillertal Alps

Naturpark FACTS

  • Size: 422 km²

  • Protected natural area since 1991

  • Altitude profile ranging from 1.000 m at Ginzling to 3.509 m at Hochfeiler

  • Nature has priority - permanent developments with public roads or lift systems are prohibited with no exception

Summer landscape in the High Alpine Nature Park of the Zillertal Alps

Extension of the Zillertal Alps Nature Park

After many years of intensive preparation work, the extension of the official conservation by ca. 43 km² area was sanctioned by the Tyrolean Government in early October. This is the largest area placed under a preservation order in Tyrol over the last 25 years and is a remarkable achievement for nature protection throughout Tyrol - even far beyond the provincial borders.

Guided Walks

Experience nature - on foot through the mountains of the region Take advantage of the programme and join nature park guides on informative walks  through the stunning natural and cultural landscapes of the Zillertal Valley!

Nature Park Partner Companies

You can book accommodation direct with one of our Nature Park Partner Companies in the High Alpine Nature Park of the Zillertal Alps region. The reason for this co-operation is to reliably provide nature loving guests with qualitative and environmental standards in their accommodation and, at the same time, provide comprehensive information about the Nature Park and convey its philosophy on nature protection in the form of guided walks. Participating companies are distinguished by the Nature Park partner company logo, which ensures that the company is competent in providing guests with informative material on the Nature Park, organising and communicating touristic offers in the Nature Park (like guided tours, events, etc) as well as alternative hiking opportunities in the region. Basic hiking equipment (backpack, hiking poles, water bottles) are available for hire from the partner company. As guest of a Nature Park Partner Company, you are entitled to take part in all guided tours free of charge and attend other Nature Park events such as lectures and slide shows etc.