View of Lanersbach in the Tuxertal

The Tux Valley

is the western-most of the subsidiary valleys and lies at the end of Zillertal

The Tux Valley is a well developed subsidiary valley in the Zillertal Alps Nature Park  approx. 15 km long. The Tux Valley is home to the five districts of Hintertux (1,500 m), Madseit (1,385 m), Juns (1,360 m), Lanersbach (1,300 m), Vorderlanersbach (1,300 m) and the municipality of Finkenberg (840 m), from the beginning of the valley, to its end. This steadily rising valley leads initially to the west, then arcs in a southwesterly direction to the majestic glaciers, the Gefrorenen Wand (3.288m) and Olperer (3.476m), which can be accessed using the Zillertal Glacier Lifts.

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