Marc Pircher

Folk Music Superstar

Marc Pircher Fest in Mayrhofen im Zillertal - 12. bis 14. Juni 2015: Fans und Freunde von Marc haben sich den Termin für das Fest bereits rot eingetragen. Die besten Gruppen der Schlager- und volkstümlichen Szene geben sich in Mayrhofen die Türklinke in die Hand.
© Михаель Мей

International Folk Music Superstar from Zillertal

He is in a "music" league like no other – Marc was immersed in the world of music from an early age – he is a "Zillertaler" through and through. His father taught him to play the „Styrian accordion" and soon recognised and promoted Marc's talent. Marc studied at the Zillertal Music School and acquired the "tools" for his greatest passion - making music.

No pain, no gain!

Marc has entertained audiences with his accordion at just about every festival in Zillertal. His diligence paid off and he first hit the television screens in 1992, after which his career sky-rocketed. One TV appearance followed quickly on the heels of another, Marc finally won the Grand Prix of Folk Music in 2003 with his successful hit,„Hey Diandl spürst es so wie i“. The awards piled up and his performances in Germany and abroad filled the biggest concert halls. Despite his success, Marc has kept his feet firmly on the ground and knows most of his fans by name - a phenomenon. Marc, however, is unable to resist the allure of his homeland. He returns often to his favourite mountains near Mayrhofen to gather strength and energy for his forthcoming tours and concerts.



Marc Pircher - Frauensache